The Elegance Files, No. 9: Jenna Coleman

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just a little series on being elegant, from tips my mother taught me and beyond. Click here to read more from the archives...

Ever since I shared this outfit post last week, I've been embracing a bit of a Jenna Coleman vibe with my clothing. I've loved her style ever since I started watching Doctor Who (and yeah, let's face it, a little before that too..;), but you know me: I go in cycles with my fashion inspiration, and so I might be obsessed with Emma Watson for a while, and then something reminds me of someone else, and then I'm feeling that new vibe until I get a new influence. Ya feel?

So since I'm loving her style at the moment, I figured it would be fun to do a StyleFile on her! Jenna is very high on my list of  elegant women, since she always seems to be dressed in a way that flatters her petite figure while remaining classy (read: modest) and fashion-forward.

Her red carpet style is timeless and feminine, often ranging among neutral or floral fabrics, or both. She tends towards a lot of either high-neck or off-the-shoulder necklines, and midi skirts, with the occasional jumpsuit (because fashion rules and guidelines are made to be broken!), always .

Absolutely LOVE this one. 
Her street style, contrastingly, is very easy going, slightly Bohemian and a touch preppy, ranging from the classic sweater-shirt-skirt combo (as seen in the first 2 photos) too a classic pair of black skinny jeans and her signature, the heeled black bootie.

This dress. This dress.

Some of my favorite of her looks are actually in shoots, but they always represent well her modern, classic/preppy style, and I love it.

What are your favorite of her looks? Do you like the modern, preppy look, and would you emulate it in your own dressing? Lemme know!


  1. I love her style - one of my good friends measures the exact same as her and is the same body type so she literally tries to BE JLC. ;)

    1. Rachel,
      I love that! I find that though our figures aren't exactly the same, they are close enough that mimicking her style is almost always flattering. But your friend sounds fab. ;D

  2. Ooooh! I really love the red/black gown. It's GORGEOUS :) And she looks really good in those corded sweaters.

  3. Jenna Coleman is such a sweet, elegant, spunky little lady and very pretty too :)! I just got into Doctor Who over Christmas as well, and have been loving it! Clara is one of my favourite companions, in fact. She is so special *starts sniffing because of the ending with series 9*.

    I think my favourite outfits for her are within Doctor Who itself, actually :D, but she sometimes has a lovely style outside as well. (I'm quite fond of her makeup and hairstyle too).

  4. Hey there! I just found your beautiful blog via Bethany!
    What a gorgeous design, and fantastic content!

    1. Han--
      A big, warm welcome! I hope you stick around and enjoy the fun! <3


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