WELCOME (again)

Friday, February 26, 2016

(Writing this post is a little bit odd and a lot bit exciting. Just had to throw that out there.)

So HEY. If you're reading this in your email, you might want to switch to the website view because ladies and gents: welcome to the new.

You all know I've loved graphic design, and have self-educated in the art for going on 6 years now (what. the time has really flown). I've always done my designs myself because, quite simply, I'm a perfectionist and I don't know what I like until I've seen it - as well as every other possibility. Basically, I'm a do-it-yourself girl, and it just was so much easier for me to create my own website. However, there comes a point where you have to know your own limitations: whether that's time, ability or patience, knowing when you've done what you can do and can do no more is a huge step in growing as a human.

This is my human-growth moment, because I knew I couldn't create the look I wanted for this space on my own, and I also knew someone who could. People help the people, and all that. :)

So friends, if you're new here: Hello! Welcome! Please introduce yourselves in the comments because I'd love to get to know ya better!

And if you're a long-time visitor (heeeeeey there), I hope the navigating experience is smoother, cleaner and overall just that much more enjoyable for you, because at the end of the day you're the ones who use this space, and I want you to enjoy it.

ALSO: shoutout to Bethany for making my design dreams come true, and fighting with that Pinterest widget until it did what you told it (it's my Pinterest feed behind the header, y'all. Let's just stop and appreciate for a moment). You are truly fantastic. Thank you. 


  1. I love it! I don't know if I'm longtime viewer - I've been reading your posts since Thanksgiving? So, as to introducing myself, I'll do it just in case :P

    I'm Rosie McCann to the internet world, and more than that I cannot say :) I love writing, drawing (and all things art), fashion, reading, listening to music, and watching movies. One of the first things that made me like your blog was that you were a writer and that you liked to talk about cloooooothes.
    So, hello! Here I am :)

    1. Nice to properly meet you, Rosie! Writing & clothes are (if you couldn't already tell) my fave. So glad you've stuck around and are enjoying the content! :)

    2. Thank you!! Oh, I could tell :)

  2. I've been reading your blog for a bit, but I guess I've never really introduced myself. Boiled down to basics, I'm an artist, musician and writer, with a bent for the philosophical. I like things that actually can access my feelings, too though. I'm also into being contradictory;) Anyways, there I am. I enjoy your blog, and I absolutely LOVE this new design. And that picture. It is Italy, right? Italy<3

    1. You're fantastic, Nina. I'm excited to get to know you even better. :)
      Glad you like it! And yep. Italy. It's got my heart. <3

  3. -shrieks- The site looks amazing!!
    And you know who I am ;P

  4. Hey Carmel! I suppose I've never properly introduced myself, but I've been following your blog since you started the Elegance Files (which I love, by the way). A lot of your posts have a very European flair. You may take that as a compliment; it's why I followed you. ;) I'm an aspiring writer myself, and I have a love for all things artistic: music, photography, fashion, storytelling, etc. You have a gorgeous blog!

    Quick comment on the new blog though: I'm having a problem viewing posts in this new layout. I can see the text of your post in my email, but on this page all I can see is the title, labels, publication date, share links, and comments. The post and the accompanying photo are not visible. This is with any text on the site, including the permanent pages in the tabs above the header. I cleaned out my cache, and that didn't help. Other people don't seem to be having a problem, so maybe it's only me. Thought I'd say something, just so you can know. :)

    Still, it's looking good from what I can see! Very clean, very classy, and the homepage is fabulous! Linking the header to Pinterest was genius.


    1. Kelsey,
      Pleasure to meet you! I'm so glad you like the Elegance Files - they're some of my favorite to write. :)
      I could not be more flattered than to be told I have a European flair, so thank you!
      It's not just you having trouble with the blog, but your thoughtful input and attention is very helpful! It's a glitch my designer and I are currently working on & everything should be up and running according to plan by Monday.
      Thanks, friend!

  5. Oh, wow, it's so pretty! I love the layout. <3


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