Battle of the High-End Mascaras: Benefit vs. Too Faced

Monday, March 07, 2016

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I've always been a maven for mascaras - aren't most women? - ever since I first started wearing makeup (and sneaking swipes of the magical stuff onto my lashes before I was allowed. oops. XD) But up until quite recently, I never dipped my toes in the waters of higher-end mascaras, quite simply because so many drugstore mascaras are so. good. Really, I never saw the need to splash out on one of the more expensive ones, because I liked what my Covergirl In Bloom Waterproof mascara did, and it was 1/3 of the price.

But. There was a lot of hype around the Too Faced "Better Than Sex" mascara last spring, and so I'd had it hesitantly on my list for a while, waiting until I'd finished the drugstore mascaras I had, and when I was ready to try something new. That happened to be in October (so a good bit later, I should say... XD). I also had a Sephora gift card I had gotten for my birthday, so naturally I was a bit more bound to splurge because I wasn't paying for it. I bought the mascara, loved it.

More recently, I purchased the Benefit "They're Real!" mascara, because I'd been using the test size for several months (makin it last, ladies!) and found myself constantly returning to it. So here's the skinny:

THEY'RE REAL                                                   BETTER THAN SEX
Full size costs $24 in the US                                 Full size costs $23 in the US
0.3 oz. of product                                                  .27 oz. of product
Plastic wand                                                          Brush/bristle wand


Too Faced "Better Than Sex"
This mascara is perfect if you like a thick, heavy lash. The product does clump a bit, but the length and volume achieved are pretty incomparable. I like to wear this mascara for nicer occasions or when I'm wearing a smokey eye look. It's bold, it's thick, it's very black. (It also can be a bit messy to apply, as the formula is on the wetter side - nothing too irritating, but just something to be aware of.) The wand is a bristle brush, with an hourglass shaped figure that does a good job of amping up the volume, from roots to tips. My main qualm with this product is longevity: it holds a curl perfectly all day, but as far as I'm aware the product doesn't come in a waterproof formula, and it does run a bit if you're eyes are watering for any reason. I don't like to wear this on my bottom lashes for that reason, though it does give a lovely Twiggy/60's vibe when I do...

Benefit "They're Real"
Right off the bat, I preferred the wand of this one from the BTS mascara. In general, I prefer a plastic wand, and the shape of this one in particular (wide, evenly dispersed bristles) really lifts and lengthens your lashes. And really, in general this mascara is the bomb when it comes to lengthening, separating and defining lashes. It's especially good for bottom lashes, and since the formula is very dry, doesn't run whatsoever. I wear this most days because it is more long-lasting and really does hold your eyelash-curl up (not that I've really worried about that, but it is nice...) Again, not sure if it comes in a waterproof formula or not, but it takes me a good bit of coconut oil to dissolve this in the evenings, so if your concern is smudging, this mascara has got you. The formula is dry, however, so if that's not your thing, you might not prefer it. (Meanwhile I like my mascaras dry. The longer I've had them, the better they get...;)

And there you have it, ladies! I think in general I prefer "They're Real" - I usually prefer a clump-free lash anyway, so that should be no surprise! XD I would be quite likely to repurchase this mascara, and I rarely even repurchase drugstore mascaras (In Bloom and the Clump Crusher from Covergirl are the only ones I ever have.) Still, that's not to say I haven't really enjoyed and will continue to enjoy "Better Than Sex", especially on days when I'm feeling more glamorous. It's like a blowout for your lashes: you don't do it everyday, but when you do, you always feel an extra oomph in your step (or eyelash flutter. depending. ;)

What do you say? Have you/are you considering purchasing either of these mascaras? What are some of your favorite all-time mascaras, and do you prefer thick, voluminous lashes or long, defined lashes? Lemme know!


  1. This was a helpful post because I've been interested in both of these mascaras but timid to pay for them. From your review, though, I think that I will have to invest in Benefit's product! I love clump-free, long lashes, so I think that "They're Real" offers the perfect formula.

    Covergirl does offer great mascaras! Right now I'm using Rimmel's Scandeleyes, and I love the volume, length, and definition that mascara provides without clumping. It can smudge, though.

    Mascara for the win! Great post!

    1. I'm glad you found it useful! I know I always read several reviews before purchasing anything more expensive - you want to know what you're getting! :)
      I haven't used any Rimmel mascaras, actually...I haven't heard much about them, but from your description ScandalEyes sounds good! I love so many other of their products I can't see myself being disappointed. ;D

      Thanks girl!

  2. Thanks for the comparison, Carmel! I love knowing the skinny on expensive things before I buy them. ;)

  3. Love both of these mascara's!! The Too Faced one will be coming in waterproof come next week!!!

    1. Good to know! If I end up repurchasing it, I'll go waterproof! :)


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