Easter Sunday | #OOTD

Monday, March 28, 2016

blazer: Ambiance Apparel, old, similar | dress: Mossimo, old, updated style (love it!) | shoes: thrifted, exact | lipstick: M.A.C. "Ruby Woo" (FAVORITE) | sunglasses: Charming Charlie's | clutch: Forever 21, old, similar

This is not a sponsored post, I just really like clothing. ;)

Hello friends! I hope your Easter was wonderful, full of lots of chocolate (of course), brimming with joy, and rejoicing for Death's eternal defeat.  

Today's outfit is not actually what I ended up wearing on Easter Sunday, but I did plan on wearing it. In the end, it was a bit cold: despite the fact that we've been having 75+ degree days all week, when it came to the weekend the weather got promptly cool again. Boo.

This crochet shift dress is an old Target piece I picked up at a thrift store last summer (so really old) but I've continued to love it even through the winter months, (pairing it with knee high socks was my favorite way) and here we are again in the springtime and I'm still loving it! If that doesn't say something about the versatility of a good shift dress I'm not sure what does. The real star of this outfit, however, are these shoes.

I  mean, they're embroidered. You don't just find embroidered shoes, you have to buy designer ones online for your whole month's salary. But, by some miracle, I spotted these at Plato's Closet over Spring Break while I was checking out and didn't think twice before adding them to the order. Not to mention the fact that they were $8. I'm convinced that the longer you thrift, the better deals you find: not for any scientific reason, of course, but it just seems to happen, and I'm so okay with that. XD

Best part? I found the exact shoes online so you too can join in the embroidery love. They are very affordable, even at regular price - score one for LuLu's! Click here to get them while they're still available.

Did you do anything fun, special or interesting for Easter? What are some of your traditions (traditions are my favorite)? Are you as obsessed with embroidered shoes as I seem to be??


  1. I love this outfit and since that tile + shoes instagram post, you know how much I love the shoes! :D Great ensemble. :)

  2. I love how you added the blazer! It looks great!

    Our Easter was cooler weather too. But it was good. I helped hide eggs for the younger siblings and whole a new pair of boots.

    1. Aw, I haven't hid Easter eggs in a few years now! We're missing having younger siblings to hide them for. Bah.

      Glad to know your Easter was pleasurable! <3

  3. This outfit is something I would totally wear so I must congratulate you on your impeccable sense of style. Just kidding...of course I acknowledge you as far superior in anything fashion related. ;) And $8 embroidered shoes? Perfect.

    1. Hahaha I am FAR from superior! An outfit Brianna-approved is an outfit well done in my book though, so thank you. XD


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