Styling the Boyfriend Jean: 3 Easy Tips

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

blazer: thrifted, similar / heather tee: old navy; similar / boyfriend jeans: old navy, old; similar here / strappy flats: forever 21, old, similar here / bag: thrifted; similar here.

Styling boyfriend jeans is not easy, especially if you're a shorter woman and don't have long legs to keep the bagginess in balance. But despite difficulties, if worn correctly they can be the piece de resistance of a chic-but-cool outfit. And heck, they're ridiculously comfy, meaning if you can pull them off, looking "sexy, but not like you're trying too hard. Like sure, you're trying, but it's almost effortless" - then you basically win. (Props to anyone who got the reference.)

Three Things To Keep In Mind When Wearing Boyfriend Jeans (To Avoid Looking Like You're Actually Wearing Your Boyfriend's Jeans)

1. Think Proportionately: Your jeans are baggier, so make sure you don't lose your figure by going oversized on top, too. Not to say it can't be done, and done well, but the cases are few and far between. Play around with it before leaving the house!
2. Think Sharp: A pair of boyfriend jeans typically has a very soft, lived-in look, and can quickly translate to "I woke up after my alarm today" which is not generally the look we want to be giving. Try contrasting with sharper, darker pieces like pointed-toe flats, blazers, a leather jacket or really any leather detailing.
3. Remember the Leg Line: I've got short legs, and I'm a petite person, therefore I'm always thinking about what affect the clothing I'm wearing will have on the appearance of my height (silly, I know, but there you have it...). In order to balance out a looser pair of jeans that can potentially shorten your figure, you want to focus on keeping the eye traveling in a line. Wearing a pair of heels does the job perfectly, especially if they're nude, but even a pair of flats that open up the view of the foot to continue that line can work. On top, I like to work with shorter tops that just brush the waistline of the jeans, allowing my hips to appear at a higher place than they actually are.

Fashion. Who knew how calculated it was gonna get? XD

Do you like boyfriend jeans? What do you like to pair them with to keep your figure from getting lost in the fabric?


  1. I've got a great pair of boyfriend jeans from LOFT. I generally attempt to maintain balance when wearing them, like you said!

    1. LOFT have such a nice jean selection - go you!

  2. Is your bag thrifted Chanel?


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