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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

top: forever 21, similar / boyfriend jeans: old navy, old / sandals: eurosoft / rucksack: rosetti, thrifted, similar
So I found this backpack under piles of other odd purses and tote bags at a thrift store, two summers ago. My sister and I were shopping for a two-week trip with Hillsdale College, and I wanted to find the perfect small traveling purse. You know the one: big enough to fit a book and your traveling papers (doesn't "traveling papers" sound so much more quaint and adventurous than "boarding pass" or "passport" or "i don't really know what this paper is but it got me here so let's keep it"?) - but still small enough that you can wear it after the traveling part of the day is done and the adventures are starting. I don't remember exactly how much it cost me - something like $10 or $12 - but I remember seeing it and grabbing it immediately.

Funny thing is, I didn't actually end up taking it: I had been advised by wiser, smarter people that a backpack wasn't safe in D.C. where, like most cities, there are pickpockets - heck, even I knew as I picked up that leather backpack that it wasn't incredibly practical and that at the end of the day I probably wouldn't bring it with me, but there's something in the idea of a little leather satchel that just makes you want to tuck in your most precious belongings and start out to somewhere amazing.

And even if I didn't take it to D.C., I've used it countless times since: whether to work in the morning, filled with a book, a banana and my R2D2 change purse (there's a story behind that too, if you're interested...) or around town on errands or going shopping.

Fun fact: the straps can zipper together to be worn over one shoulder only. How fun is that?

Am I the only one who loves the whimsical, adventurous feeling of slinging on a knapsack (and am I crazy for feeling so?)? Do you also want to go wandering through cobblestone streets when you wear a small satchel?


  1. I totally want to wander said cobblestone streets! That satchel is SO CUTE I absolutely love it.

  2. SUPER cute outfit; loving those rolled jeans!
    Dear no, adventuring with a perfectly-sized knapsack is THE BEST. <3

  3. I took a smaller backpack to Disney World in January and it made me feel like I could take on the world!
    Not to mention it freed up the arms for character hugs.

  4. Backpacks are my love! I have a difficult time keeping a purse on my shoulder for some reason? That, and it's hard to fit a book into a purse unless it's big enough to tote your whole room around in. XD


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