Review: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This is not a sponsored post and/or paid for advertorial. These are just my opinions, for the benefit of the general public. Take 'em or leave 'em!

I recently picked up this Revlon Matte Lip Color in the shade "Seduction" when I was in CVS, not looking for lip products (you know how that goes! One peek down the beauty isle and I'm a goner. You have to pull me out with a rope.) It was on the shelf of new items, so of course I think "Ooh. Wonder if that's any good?" And as you well know, I'm in a nude lip phase right now where anything and everything browny-pink is a want. And I had coupons...all in all it was a complete bargain, which is how I justify the purchase. *wink*

So if you're like me and always researching new lip products, I've got the scoop to help you make up your mind!

-It doesn't dry completely matte like the name would suggest. It takes a while to dry down onto your lips, which leaves a lot of time for smudging or removal; however, if you give it a good 10 minutes to properly set before going out, it will last a good length of time.
-The color range is not my cup of tea; with a matte range I want to find more dark colors, but surprisingly they're all pretty standard bright pinks or cherry reds, which disappointed me a bit. There is one purple, but it's a bit on the red side of things. I considered picking it up, but as usual, I like to try a nude if the formula is new. Nudes are just generally more forgiving, whereas I'm very picky about my darker colors: they have to be very matte. Since I didn't know what the quality of this would be like, I figured it would be safer to go with the nude! Also "Seduction" is such a beautiful shade, I could hardly resist...

-The price point for this lip product is really good. The original price is around $8, and since I have a CVS card/coupons/etc I ended up only paying $4. Score!
-The product applies beautifully. Seriously: it's a dream to swipe on, the doufa applicator fits right into my lip shape, and the product itself is creamy and smooth (as opposed to the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains, which can be quite sticky, as much as I love them). Bonus points: it smells like a MAC lipstick, buttery and gently sweet.
-I found quickly that this particular shade is really good for my coloring; it's got cool undertones, but still warm and brown-pink enough to keep me from looking washed out (or dead) (don't want that).
-It wears really well. The product dries matte, but not super matte. It's pretty hydrating, but not so much that you get smearing while eating or drinking. That being said, I don't think I would purchase one of the darker colors in this shade, simply because I am so picky about my darker colors: if they're even slightly glossy, it will stay in my drawer and get no use, and that's just a waste. XP

Overall, I'm really enjoying this product! For a matte nude, I think it hits the perfect balance between long-lasting and hydrating, perfect for this sort of thing. For darker colors, I don't know if the formula is the best - but then, I haven't tried the darker shades, so I can't say entirely! The packaging is really nice, too, which is a benefit in my book: if it looks ugly on my dressing table, I'm going to be less inclined to wear it (surely I'm not the only one??) I want to feel like I'm using luxury products; even if it is drugstore, it doesn't have to be ugly, and this definitely fits that bill. But mostly, I'm just loving nudes a lot lately, so I've been wearing this quite often. Lovely.

Have you tried the Revlon Ultra Matte lip colors? What are your thoughts and/or opinions? Or if you haven't tried them, are there any nude lipsticks you're really loving at the moment?

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