4 Ways To Feel Like A New Woman

Monday, May 30, 2016

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I was reading through College Prepster archives last week and I came across this post, and I loved the idea of it - and I had a few things to add. Flash forward a few days and Jenny shared this, and I knew I had to add to the train. So here's my take: 4 Ways to Feel Like a New Woman whether, like me, you just graduated and are feeling that flutter in your stomach that spells out a world of Unknowns, right ahead of you - whether you've gone through a rough patch or are in one right now - whether you're just plain tired: this is for you. Sometimes we just need to hit the refresh button.

There is nothing so immediately therapeutic and refreshing to me as taking a shower. Even if I've already taken a shower that day, sometimes it's just what's needed. Massage your head gently, use some invigorating shower gel (lemon or grapefruit are good scents to have around for moments like this) and put on a little lotion when you get out.

I find I'm most often wound up about things simply because I haven't had time to decompress and process after events or activities (#introvertprobs - can anyone relate? ha!). If I give myself some time just to list things in my head, my worries begin to unwind and I feel refreshed and restored. I start with all the things I'm grateful for, all the people I love, some words that made me smile. Then I move to the problems, and I lay them out in my head: cons first, pros second. A problem can seem so big until you begin to actually lay it down in words, and then you realize it's not so complicated and "I have so much to do" can turn into "wait a moment, I only have a few things left."

Sometimes, when we're moving from one phase of life to the next it's easy to feel awkward, like we're floating in between purposes, attached to neither and going nowhere fast. Coco Chanel said that "a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life," and I've found one of the best ways to cut yourself off from the old phase and jump headfirst into the new one is to change your look. It doesn't have to be drastic - even just getting your ends trimmed and some layers thrown in can make you feel new - but there's something so liberating about cutting off length, or cutting in bangs, or changing your color to make a change really feel real.

I definitely am getting to that stage of my life. I'm hesitant to cut off my hair after I've grown it out so long, but I definitely feel a change coming. (Stay tuned...)

Now. I know what you're thinking: who has the time or the finances to just jump on a plane every time she feels moody? That's not at all what I'm suggesting. What I'm suggesting is something much smaller: explore your hometown. Most of us don't know our own city as well as we know other cities, so take advantage of that and get out there and explore! Try a new restaurant, find a park you've not visited (or at least not in a while), or even drive and visit that friend that's just 30 minutes too far to visit regularly. The reason we travel is so that we can greater appreciate the home we have been given. So get out there and start appreciating; I promise, you'll find clarity and refreshment.

How do you reset yourself when you're feeling a little low?


  1. I just finished house sitting, graduation, and teaching a camp so I'm craving things that make me feel refreshed right now!
    How I've reset myself: I recently splurged a bit at Bath and Body Works (their Waikiki Beach Coconut scent is to die for), I've slept in, and I'm getting my hair cut on Tuesday.

    1. Oo, a new fragrance! Why didn't I think of that?
      I hope you'll share on Instagram if you do anything drastic to your hair...;)

    2. I don't plan on majorly changing my hair, but I promise to update Instagram ;P

  2. Oh, I did love this post :) I actually just cut my hair, took off about eight inches and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. It's lighter, cooler, and BEST OF ALL, easier to do different hairdos with. I used to actually not be able to put my hair up, because of the weight!

    And the Be Still one is really big with me - INTJ here :)

  3. These are such wonderful tips! Thanks a bunch for sharing. I totally agree with the shower and haircut - they make us feel so fresh and new! ;)

    By the way, your blog is gorgeous. I'm totally coming back again!

    // Amanda @ Scattered Journal Pages


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