DIY: Happiness Journal (for your graduation party guest book)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I promised Graduation Party DIY's, so here's the first! If you want to take a peek at my inspiration for my graduation party, that post is here.

I've seen so many cute guest book ideas on Pinterest, specifically for weddings and graduation parties, so I knew when it came to this element of the party, I wanted to get creative. We've all seen the "circle your favorite Bible verse" option; "write down your favorite memory" is a lovely idea, but for those of us who suddenly forget all memories at the suggestion of this, I wanted to do something a little more low-key.

My lovely friend, fondly nicknamed LJ Griff, has a little notebook that she hands around to her friends to fill with lists of anything they think might make her happy. From simple things like "tea" to more elaborate mental images of picnics on hot summer nights, or fresh shaven legs in clean sheets (ladies, can I get an amen?), it's a place to store pleasant thoughts for less-than-pleasant moments. And when I saw that I thought, how wonderful would it be to use that as my guest book? So here's what I did.

You're going to want a journal, preferably something that can lie flat, so that it will lie open on the table and people will actually understand it's purpose. This also makes it easier to write in! I found my journal at Walmart and it's actually called a "lay flat journal" - unfortunately, I couldn't find it online, but this one is quite similar. If you can't find a journal with a plain paper cover, you can always get a black one and paper it with brown wrapping paper instead; works just the same!

This advice my mom always gave me when I would sew as a little girl (spoiler: I didn't. sorry mum.) But it applies to more than just fashion design: with any art, it's best to sketch and double check yourself with a pencil first. I traced my design on the cover and redrew it twice before I was happy; when you're ready, go over it with a good black pen, or a fine-point sharpie.

My journal already had these gold dots, but there are tutorials all over pinterest using an eraser-end of a pencil and some gold paint to create the same effect. I added a little heart in the center of the cover as well, because it's happy. And that's the point. ;)


You want people to know what to do. I wrote a pretty little note in the top section of the page explaining the purpose of the journal, and began numbering (along with a few starter happy-items!) on the second half. I also used some cute film-roll washi tape I found at Michael's to add something more to the page.

Because the back of the journal was plain, and I got carried away. XD

Let me know if you try this project by tagging me on Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter! (My username is @carmelelizabeth on all sites.) You all are so creative; I would love to see what you'd come up with!


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