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Monday, May 23, 2016

Back again with the neck-scarf variations today! I tied it around the handle of my favorite little brown satchel to add a touch of color and a little vintage/Parisian flair.

The rest of the outfit is quite simple, but I'm actually quite fond of my black ballet flats, simple though they are. I think for a long time (after I grew to of the horrendous diva phase of 6th grade) black ballet flats were either always boring or too girly for me. But even as I'm delving into a more feminine style at the moment, I also happen to think that these H&M flats are the perfect balance between sweet and feminine without looking...twelveyearoldgirlatchurch, if you know what I mean. I think what keeps them classy and mature is all in the fabric. A nice leather or leather-esque fabric without creases, the shape of the toe not too round but not quite pointed either, and a bow just obvious enough that you know it's there, but no more. It also helps that in this case the bow is leather, not fabric or anything else distracting.

There's definitely a science behind that perfect classy black flat, and though it may take longer to find that one good shoe, it will look nicer through the years without being dated or too young. I definitely think basic pieces like a black flat are worth that extra time and money! Though to be fair I did find these at a second-hand shop, which is an art in and of itself (one that I'm nowhere near mastering).

And, as always, the details are everything. ;)

I've linked a few of my recommended flats in the outfit details below, if you care to take a look!

Striped top (yet another ;): similar
Distressed denim shorts: old, updated style
Leather backpack: vintage thrifted, similar here
Vintage scarf: unknown, beautiful alternatives here and here
Black flats: classic / similar to my pair / affordable / classic with a twist

What details do you look for in a staple pair of flats? 


  1. I would totally wear this outfit. Love your ballet flats! My black pair have a bit of a secret heel and that makes me happy.

    1. Thank you!
      Nothing like a little hidden heel to lift your step...literally. ;)

  2. Question: when you purchase used shoes, how do you clean them? I thrift clothes that I can properly wash, but I've never thrifted shoes before. Some shoes, especially ones with fabric in the soles, would not respond well to getting wet... Is there something special you do, or do you just not worry about it?

  3. Good question, Kelsey! With plastic shoes I would use rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant wipe. With leather I'm more squeamish, just because I don't want to ruin the finish, so il usually use a barely damp rag or put a dryer sheet in it overnight. It's definitely not as sanitizing, but for what it's worth, I've been wearing thrifted shoes for around 8 years and haven't yet got a foot fungus. With fabric, Lysol is your best bet, but do be careful because an overdose can discolor the fabric.

    Hope that's of help to you! There are probably more technical or thorough ways to clean a shoe, but there we are. :)


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