The Spring/Summer Lipstick Edit: My Favorite Pinks This Season

Friday, May 13, 2016

I don't know what it is about Spring and Summer, but they definitely bring out the more preppy side of my style. Whether that means browsing Kate Spade and J. Crew a bit more often (#guilty) or just embracing those brighter, popping colors, I've been loving incorporating punches of pink recently in my ever-ecclectic style.

Don't get me wrong, though: I'm still not a pink-all-over sort of girl. That's just not who I am, (though some would be surprised to hear it?) just like I'm always much more interested in a vintage baseball cap than a brand-new ruffly dress. However, using lipstick (ever my favorite, you know) I'm loving adding punchy pinks and pretty apricots to my monochrome looks and patterned pants...

These are my top 7 pink shades, ranging from bright, to nude, to apricot, in hopes that you can find the one that tickles your peach!

1. Milani Lipstick, Power Pink
This shade, as the title would suggest is a true power color. Bright, classic pinks are normally too warm for my complexion, but this one has a good blue undertone, and a semi-gloss finish rounding out the look in a softer way. It's not matte, so it won't quite survive a full dining experience, but it fades nicely and doesn't feather, so it's not too much of a pain to faff around with.

2. Rimmel X Kate Moss Lipstick, #32
I just recently bought this at the drugstore and oh man! Whatta beaut. It's my dream apricot: pastel, peachy, a bit pink and overall very flattering. I wear it with my Rimmel Exaggerate lipliner in "Eastend Snob" for a longer-lasting effect and to add a bit more pink into the tone, but truly this lipstick is lovely.

3. M.A.C. X Ellie Goulding Cremesheen Lipstick, "Without Your Love"
There is no other way to describe this shade but "ballet pink." It's a sweet, delicate, light, buttery shade. The color on it's own is a bit fair for my complexion without a darker pink liner (like Eastend Snob) but for any more ivory-complexioned ladies out there, this is a one-swipe winner!

4. M.A.C. Lustre Lipstick, "Patisserie"
Classic, this one. The shade falls on the slight browner side of nude, but not so much as to be classified as a true brown-pink. It has a lovely lustre finish, and is forever my go-to nude (like so many other women around the planet!)

5. L'Oreal The Nudes, "Julianne's Nude"
This is definitely more on the pink side of nude, and actually a great, pinker dupe for MAC Patisserie, since it's about half the price!

6. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream, "Addis Ababa"
This bright pink is a slightly warmer tone than Milani's mentioned above. The formula is incredible: a matte that lasts ages without creasing or drying out your lips, a good pigmentation to the color (no triple-layering here!) and overall just very comfortable to wear, which is sometimes difficult to find with bright lipsticks.

7. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream, "Antwerp"
This is Addis Ababa's peachier counterpart. It's still undoubtedly pink, but it's got orange and apricot tones running through it that make it a beautiful shade for summer. The formula is consistent from shade to shade in this range, so this lipstick too has the wonderful lasting power, pigmentation and wearability of the former.

Do you think I said "pink" enough in this post?

Alrighty lovely ladies! Tell me about your favorite shades of pink (or any summer lipstick shades in general)! You know I want to test them out. (Not that I need more lipstick, really . . . )


  1. Ooooo! You know me: always down for a good lipstick post. I will ask for a MAC lipstick for my birthday - I've never owned one. I find apricots and pale pinks do not work well with my complexion. Blue undertones in bright shades are the boy for me. This means I can pull off fuchsias, magentas, and full-blooded pinks way better than I can pastels...pastels just weren't meant to be in my life. *sob*

    1. I thought you'd like this!
      Yes, definitely ask for MAC! Their formulas are lovely, and the color range is unmatched for size. O_O
      I wish I could pull off brights the way you do! But I always find I look better in muted/cool tones or dark/cool tones. Something about the undertones of my skin and all that. :P


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