May Favorites, 2016

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

HOW. How is it June already?! May flew by so fast. This past month was a whirlwind of finishing school, graduating, parties, events and trying to get a sense for what this new season of life is going to be like. I've got a lot to share, so let's get right into it!

1. Succulents
I bought a trayfull of these cute little cacti to hand out at my party, but I kinda got caught up talking to everyone, and forgot to. Now I've got an army and nowhere to put them all, but I consider that the best of problems. This bigger one is fondly dubbed Alexander, and my sisters and I joke we need to name a smaller one Phillip to complete the story...we're all fans of something. ;)

2. Breakfast At Tiffany's
Can you believe I'd never watched this classic until this month? I really enjoyed it; definitely top new-to-me movie of the month. Of course it's sad, but if you like The Great Gatsby, this is one for you. I actually liked it much better than the Gatsby movie, though not more than the book (such a work of art, that one...). And the fashion alone was so good! And of course Audrey is ever an icon.

I finally found this lipstick, you all! Up until recently I could only find it on European websites, but I checked again at Walmart and there it was. Lovely. I've worn it almost every day of the month; you can read my full review here if you're interested!

I actually bought this primer at the end of the summer last year, but I was trying so many different products at the time that I couldn't really see a difference that product was making, and so I put it aside. Flash forward to May, and the weather starts getting hot & my makeup isn't applying as smoothly and evenly as I want it to, nor lasting quite as long as usual. I randomly threw this on one morning and oh wow the difference was unmistakeable. It's a silicon-y texture, smoothing easily over your skin and creating a great base for your makeup. I can clearly see the difference in the texture of my skin when I'm wearing this product. Best part? It makes my makeup last, but it's hydrating. At $6 it's an easy winner.

I'm always on the hunt for new good blogs to follow, since I feel like the market is saturated with a lot of people who are just blogging for themselves, and saying what they are paid to say rather than providing a helpful opinion to the public, a beautiful space to relax and read and learn. College Prepster is one of those places I found on a whim and I straight up just love reading. The authoress is so honest and approachable, her style is classy and fun, and her posts are always a good read! Go check her out...

6. Black French Tips
Because graduation + graduation parties, I decided to go get my nails professionally done last week. That was probably the best decision I made this month! I had self-applied false nails over Christmas break, but as lovely as they looked, they were constantly popping off and needing to be fixed (read: about once a day I was re-glueing a nail). So I was skeptical that these nails would last any better, but the experience has been wonderful! I just got false tips this time, which is so much more comfortable, and haven't gotten a chip or breakage all week, even working at the cafe, which is borderline miraculous. And don't even get me started on the finger-lengthening properties of a angled black french manicure! If it wasn't so expensive (read: just under $40 for the whole procedure) I would be doing this on a regular basis - as it is, it's going to be saved for special occasions. I'm still well chuffed with it, though. ;D

What did you love this month? Anything spectacular I should be aware of? Lemme know. :)


  1. I want black french tips now, they look awesome.

  2. The colors in those pictures are so pretty. I love that table. ;)


  3. I noticed your nails in a recent instagram photo and loved them! I can't seem to get nail polish to stay on my nails recently (I don't know why?) so I've saved the polish for my toenails. They're a deep red right now.


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