My Graduation Party | Photos

Monday, June 06, 2016

Just a little photography from the special day, taken before guests arrived + so you all could enjoy a peek inside! The party was a massive success, full of good food, good friends, good conversations and lots of laughter - just the way I like it. (Never mind the fact that I was sick from exhaustion/yet-to-be-explained stomach pain for four days following.) This was beautiful. The weather was perfect: hot, clear, sunny, and somehow all the scattered ideas in my head tied together in the result I desired from the beginning. Between the tent (not pictured, I was too busy talking - oops!) and the balloons and garlands it felt very Bilbo's Eleventy-First Birthday, while the bright pineapple and fruit and succulents brought the preppy, lush vibe I desired. All in all, I was so pleased. All the heart-eyes. ^.^

How was your weekend, friends?


  1. Looks lovely Carmel! Congrats on your graduation! :)

  2. hear that muffled screaming? That's me, cause I LOVE this.
    If I had had a graduation party, I would've wanted it to look like yours did!

  3. Wow, it's gorgeous and the food!


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