My Summer Bucket List

Friday, June 10, 2016

These are hands down some of my favorite posts to write. What could be more exciting than daydreaming about travel and picnics and all the wonderful things the summer holds?

My Summer Bucket List, 2016

1. Have A Picnic
This one is always going to be on my summer bucket lists, forever and ever amen. Who doesn't love a good picnic, after all? I went on a grand total of one (1) last year and frankly, it wasn't too well thought out. I thoroughly intend to put in effort this year, make some really lovely treats and double-check I've got all the supplies necessary (nobody wants to arrive on site only to discover she's going to have to eat her strawberries-and-cream with her fingers because she forgot flatware).

2. Go On A Hike
I've never been on a proper hike before, and honestly it was never something I really thought about doing. But some friends of mine have been wanting to go, and I'm actually getting pretty excited at the prospect - I don't really talk about this a lot on the blog, but I'm someone who needs to be outside quite regularly to feel like myself! I thrive on fresh air and a bright sky, and the idea of taking a day and disconnecting a bit sounds so refreshing.

3. Go To The Beach
This isn't a true bucket list item as we've already got a beach trip scheduled in, but I'm putting it here for posterity, and all that. ;) I haven't been to a warm beach in years, so I can't wait to lie out and get some sun, soak my feet in the sandy waves and pore over books under the shade of palm trees for a whole week. I'm hoping to share some more travel-related posts when we get closer! (Travel is my favorite. ever.)

4. Bake More
Baking is another of my closet-passions that doesn't get much time in the sun - except, that is, in the summer time! My favorite type of baking? Recipe experimentation. On my list of new things to try this summer are a lot of breads: since most pre-made breads include sugar, which isn't always necessary, I'd love to try my hand at bagels, crumpets and banana bread, among others. If there's enough interest, I might even consider sharing what I come up with on the blog...^.^

5. Get Out of My Comfort Zone
This last one is a bit more general than the others. Nonetheless, I really would like to take advantage of this last summer as a "child", before I hit the work schedule hard in the Fall, and some of my closest friends leave for school. I want to store up memories to warm me during the cooler months, and the best memories are always made outside the ordinary, outside my comfort zone.

Really, that's what this whole summer is about: getting out there and doing things I'm not comfortable with, that I've never done before. Making memories. Not wasting a second.

What are you excited to do this summer? Do you have any plans yet, or are you more of a spontaneous adventurer?


  1. Beautiful post! I don't think I've ever been on a real picnic except once? I was maybe twelve. My friend and I found a creak in our back woods and we brought a blanket and some snacks. But I do love hiking! Sometimes I do find it odd that we drive somewhere in order to go walking? But hiking is great all the same. I didn't know you liked to bake! I used to a lot, but now I don't have as much time. I'd love to see some what you come up with.

    My summer is filled with transferring from college to university. Packing. Hopefully, finishing the first draft of a sequel. And actually getting from here to my grandparents' house and the university. They do live in Florida, so hopefully the beach will come with all that too. :)

    1. Hiking is an amusing premise, now you mention it...;P
      When my sister made that transition last summer it seemed to be endless packing, but it does end, promise. ;)
      Best of luck to you! I hope you get a chance to enjoy the beach. <3

  2. Your goals sound awesome - what beach will you be doing? :)

    1. Thanks, Rach! We're going to a family favorite spot in North Carolina. :)

  3. My summer is booked with rehearsals so I'll have to live vicariously through your awesome summer!
    I wish we were going to the beach....

    1. I'm in my community theater's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

  4. We have tons of hiking spots where I live, they are always fun.


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