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Monday, June 27, 2016

Funny story: when I came downstairs wearing this outfit, my dad said I looked like I was going to prep school. Thanks, Dad. ;)

I'm so excited to finally have bought my first designer purse! I bought the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Small Rosie in the color "Cherry Liquor." I saved for this baby for quite a while, and I have been putting little cross-body bags in and out of my basket on the Kate Spade website since sometime around February, never feeling like I'd quite found the right one. I was looking for something quite small - just big enough for a phone, keys, headphones and compact wallet. A good city-exploring/travel purse, you know? I have a couple cross-body purses, most that I've bought at various thrift stores, but I find they're all either too big (I have one I can easily fit a standard-size book in, which is great for long work shifts, but a bit too much when you just want to go sightseeing/wandering) or too small (I can barely fit my phone in another, much less a wallet!). So I thought it was pretty providential when I found this in the sale, and it was exactly what I was going for. And I had a discount code. The end result? $85. (Mom would be so proud.)

I chose red over black, and perhaps broke my own fashion principle that expensive items should be bought in timeless shades, because almost all my purses are black. And you only live once, and by gosh I just really liked the bright red better for once. (Whaa?)

Have any of y'all bought designer purses? What rules do you try to stick with for these more expensive purchases? And, just because it's fun, what's your dream designer handbag? (Mine is the Chanel Wallet On a Chain, black with gold hardware...*all the heart eyes*.)

Outfit details--
Bag: Kate Spade
White Blouse: Merona
Distressed Jean Shorts: Anthropologie, via Plato's Closet; similar // affordable
Those Sandals I've Been Wearing Non-Stop The Past Month: similar
Watch: my mom's from the 90's; similar


  1. That bag is *awesome*. WAY too small for me (You know how boy scouts like to be prepared? I'm ten times worse. #bigsisterproblems) but definitely fabulous. And the red is very you. :) You know, for the majority of my money-conscience life I have considered designer purses an enormous waste of money I could be investing better in charities doing lasting work. BUT! I do own two Coach bags (a shoulder bag and backpack) and they are amazing. The function ability and longevity is nothing to take lightly. AND now that I'm spoiled by expensive bags I am not tempted at all by cheaper bags...and therefore don't buy them...and consequently probably invest the same amount in bags in the long run...all that to say...investment pieces even out in the end for sure. :)

    1. Oh yeah, I know the feeling! This is part of a concerted effort to carry less. ;)
      Coach! I love their knapsack bags. So beautiful. And yeah, once you go high-end, it's hard to like any purse that isn't so solidly made. Which is maybe a good thing, because I'm a sucker for kitschy purses, and if it weren't for the longevity issue, would've spent my designer-purse-fund on several lesser bags. :P Even with Kate Spade, I know it's not going to be the *best* quality like, say, a Chanel, but I figure it's a happy in-between to start with. ;)

  2. My uncle recently gave me a small Kate Spade purse and I've been loving it! It's nice not to have the option of stuffing it full x)

    1. Yes, I love yours Riley! It really suits you too. And you know I'm all about the minimalism. ;)

  3. I adore this purse. I've yet to make the dive into a designer purse, though my best friend has me convinced it's a great deal. I just haven't set aside money. My first choice would be a Kate Spade. LV is great too...and of course Chanel.

    1. I thought you might like it! Thank you!
      I think it's wise that you've waited on a designer bag - until you come across one that you both love *and* can afford, I don't think it's worthwhile. And finding that medium takes time when you've got high standards and a budget to keep (don't I know it XP). For what it's worth though, the Kate Spade sale was a great place to start. And whenever you do decide to take the plunge, I know it'll be splendid.

  4. I love that you went for a red! I think it's so fun, and makes the bag that much more special! I don't own any designer bags, but I'm constantly stalking vintage Chanel on eBay. My dream is the classic flap in either black or nude with gold hardware. :D


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