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Friday, June 03, 2016

Muscle tee: old, similar
Distressed jeans: old, updated style
Bucket bag: thrifted, old, similar
Scarf: similar
Sandals: thrifted, similar 
Sunglasses: exact
Lipstick: exact, "Patisserie"

It's so. hot.
Nevertheless, I've been trying to take advantage of the gorgeous sun the past week and take more of my outfit photos outside. I always love the way they look better in front of the brick wall, rather than the usual white sheet - much more interesting! - but sometimes it's not an option. All that to say, thank you Lord for clear weather! :)

Pretty simple look today. I'm normally consider myself more East Coast in my style influence, but recently I've been feeling the Southern California vibes! I've always loved California, and though the work atmosphere is perhaps too chill for me year round (I would get nothing done if I lived there, ha!) I'm happy to be influenced by their style for a few days as I search for the best ways to stay cool in the heat and still stylish! Big sunglasses, distressed jeans + sleeveless tops, throwback purses (this one feels very Lauren Conrad circa 2010 to me...).

Do you find your style more influenced by East Coast or West Coast fashion? Or are you a Southern Preppy? Western? Something else? Un petite peu de tous? (That's definitely me!) Sound off in the comments!


  1. <3
    I'd say my fashion sense is more East Coast.

    1. I totally see that. I think our styles are quite similar...

    2. as evidenced by all the things I repin from you ;)

  2. I love west coast style- I grew up in southern California, so it definitely holds a huge place in my heart, and that LA cool is such a great look. Since I moved to the south, I do find myself incorporating some east coast elements in the winter, since I didn't really have winter or fall until I was eighteen and moved!
    Happy weekend!

    1. Lauren,
      I love that! I have to agree with you that when it comes to fall/winter fashion, East Coast is almost the only way - but there's just something about West Coast in the summer that is unmatched. :)


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