Friday Five: 5 Lifestyle Blogs I'm Loving

Friday, July 01, 2016

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A part of blogging that I consider absolutely essential is promoting your fellow creators. I get about 70% of my inspiration from the other bloggers around me, and I owe it to them for their constant outpouring of creativity and warmth in the community. (It's a lovely thing, this blogging community. *all the heart eyes*) So if you like this blog, check these other lovely ladies out! Happy Friday!

1. The College Prepster
I've mentioned this one once or twice on here, but I really love Carly's consistency of posting! Almost every day, she's got something new to share, and in a creative way that even if you're not preppy-obsessed, you want to stick around and see what she has to say. Kudos to you, lady!

2. Chic Ethique
Lauren's blog has been a long-time enjoyment of mine, and she's recently rebranded as Chic Ethique, promoting ethical women's fashion, which I think is wonderful! I think it's really admirable that she shares ethically-sourced style choices that are still on-trend and decently priced (and thrifting, which I love!).

3. Cupcakes and Cashmere
My sister Rachel has been reading Cupcakes and Cashmere for a long time now, and always told me I'd love her posts, but I've never really stuck around much until lately. I think it's so helpful how Emily shares style tips that flatter ladies with slightly larger chests or shorter legs. Um, yes puhlease!

4. Zoella
Zoe Sugg is definitely the blogger of the moment, hugely successful and practically a touchstone for other aspiring lifestyle bloggers. So yeah, of course we've all been loving her blog long-term. But I feel like she's really stepped up the blogging game lately, sharing incredibly curated images and editing down her typically slightly-rambly posts to something more edited and succinct, which I love when I don't have much time to read a long, wordy posts. Keep it up, lovely! xx

5. Margo and Me
I just found Jenny's sweet blog and I'm already obsessed! Her style is so chic and feminine, and so inspirational to soak up! Also: I have major hair envy. Why can't I rock thick bangs like that??

What blogs do you read? Do you have any favorites I should check out? 


  1. Oh my gosh Carmel you are the sweetest! Thank you for sharing my blog! I'm absolutely honored! :D

  2. Thanks for sharing these. I don't really follow many lifestyle blogs, I need to fix that.


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