Friday Five: 5 Resources Every Creative Woman Should Have

Friday, July 15, 2016

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I think as work-at-home creatives, it's easy to get lost in the administrative trenches and forget what we're really shooting for, why we're shooting for it, and how we're going to get there. For me especially, I find it easy to get sidetracked with small jobs and wonder if they're ever going to add up to this thing I call a Dream; if someday, this is all going to come together and work, or if I'm going to be doing assistant-type work for the rest of my life, making someone else's dream happen.

It's hard to do any type of creative job. You work your butt off for a lot more hours than your standard 9-to-5, and a lot of times it can feel like you're getting nowhere. So in the spirit of lifting spirits (say that three times fast! ;) I've compiled a list of some of my favorite inspirational resources.

Whether you're a fashion blogger, an aspiring artist or designer or writer, or entrepreneur doing the menial work to pay the bills: I hope you glean some inspiration and more importantly, information, to keep you fighting for that dream with all the grit that makes you a creative, and all the elegance that makes you a woman. Cheers!

1. "How To Get Your Dream Job"
This is for all creatives. Carly Cristman gives basically the pep-talk of the year, to the point that your dreams do not work unless you do.

2. "The Truth Behind Working In Fashion"
Another Carly pep-talk, this one is more specifically geared towards women in fashion, or women pursuing a career in fashion. With specific advice and tips from someone who's worked in this line of business for several years, this is invaluable information.

3. "15 Professional Habits Every 20-Something Should Have"
This is just good life advice, and since it's written in bullet-list style, exactly what I like to read on-the-go (much more useful and intellectual than PokemonGO, just saying. XD)

4. "The Benefits of Keeping A Work Journal"
This post is a succinct argument for why you should journal your work experiences - and though I don't work at a desk job, the principle remains the same: journal your successes and your failures, the nice things people say to you, the moments that made your day, because when you look back on them you can learn so. much.

5. 25 TED Talks For Creative Entrepreneurs
It's a list within a list! Listception! But real talk, this is a great resource if you - like me - like to listen to something while you work, and the playlists of motivational songs just aren't cutting it anymore. I haven't listened to half of the TED talks in this list, and that's the fun of it! There are so many to take advantage of, and I always leave the page having learned something, even if just something small.

Do you know of any more articles that would be of use to a young woman in the creative industry? Leave it below for the benefit of all + sundry!

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