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Monday, July 11, 2016

I've been thinking a lot about contentment recently. I mentioned this in a comment on Lauren's blog, but basically, life post-school is not what you think it's going to be (surprise!) and when you don't have a solid plan (or when your solid plan doesn't come into action for a while), it's hard to feel like you have a real place. It's very easy to feel lost in between one world and the next without a big purpose, or even a set goal to drive head-first towards - and since Not Working has never been in my blood, my mind needs to constantly feel like I'm driving it to a tangible purpose. Does anyone else feel that way?

I'm fortunate to be surrounded by really amazing friends and family, whether in town or long-distance who never once let me feel alone, but it's been a good reminder in general that when you rely on yourself and your own abilities for that sense of purpose, you always feel empty -- and your mistakes are amplified to yourself (I am my worst critic!) because you were depending on your successes for happiness. My purpose is in glorifying the Creator, and when I focus on that, no matter how active or inactive my personal life may be, I am full.

I just need to remember that when I'm feeling empty. ;)

Have you struggled with finding a sense of purpose in a transition phase of life? How did you re-establish your footing?

shirt: thrifted, exact / bargain
cut-off jean shorts: thrifted, similar
neck scarf: gorgeous alternative / bargain
sandals: old, similar
clutch: similar
sunglasses: similar
lipstick: exact
watch: vintage, similar


  1. I definitely get what you mean about the post-school "where do I fit in all this." It's really hard at first. You have to stay motivated to drive toward your goals on your own. I took a break between high school and college. Things felt kind of unstable sometimes because I decided not to get a job at first, but to stay home and help out around the house for my family. It was weird; nobody does that. I didn't have that structure of sitting down to do school every morning (even homeschoolers have structure ;) ). But God was always my stability in those times, as He is now (because things can still get turbulent during college and everything else. . .).

    I ADORE this outfit! Very cute and classy! I'm loving the scarf. I usually have a scarf during the cooler seasons, so maybe I should go about finding something lighter for the summer.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Ashley -- I'm learning patience, which is hard, but good. :)
      Thank you! And yes, get yourself a little neck scarf for the summer. They're my favorite. <3

  2. Oh so true! I really relate to this post, even though I'm two years past high school. :) It is so important, as you said, not to measure yourself by the success you wanted to achieve, but on being in Christ.
    I really like your outfit. Button-down shirts are my favorite!

    1. I'm glad to hear you connected with this, Abby! As a writer that's the most exciting thing. :)

  3. Those sunglasses are so perfect, I need a pair.


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