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Monday, July 25, 2016

I'm sharing a slightly more formal outfit today, a palette of florals and lush brights for a hot summer evening.

Every summer we have regular swing dances in the area, and though I don't go as often as I'd like, whenever I do go, I tend to have a bit of a uniform. There are a couple style tips and tricks I've learned over the years - I've made mistakes, and dances are never quite as fun when you're fidgeting with your skirt/dress the whole night, so here's what I like to keep in mind!

Nothing beats a fit and flare dress for swing (biker shorts underneath are a must if you don't want to flash anyone, ha!). Skirts are fun too, but what I like about a dress is that it's one piece, meaning less articles to get untucked/rumpled/mussed while your dancing, and more, well, dancing. Low heels  are my shoe of choice, just high enough to give you that oomph, not so high that you can't dance. A small bag you can sling across your body is a good game plan when you don't know if you'll have a place to put it down. And of course, you can't beat a little neck-scarf action. (#cantstopwontstop.)

Not to mention, friends who will dance with you are an absolute must! (Secretly, I love convincing the people who don't want to dance to get out on the floor - I'm a firm believer in dance parties, no matter if you're a "good" dancer or not!) I don't consider myself an expert on swing by any means, but I know enough of the basics to have a good time and work up a sweat, which is all that matters to me. Plus, the feeling of slipping on a dress and heels and going out while the sun is still up, dancing till it goes dark...there's magic in that. The best things truly do happen while you're dancing. :)

Do you like to go swing dancing in the summer? What are your favorite dance experiences? (Or horror stories! I have a few of those, too...XD)

dress: Old Navy, old, updated here
heels: old, updated / similar
scarf: vintage, alternative
hat: forever 21, exact
satchel: similar


  1. I took a ballroom dancing class last semester and it was a blast. I'd never done any of the styles before so the whole thing was a great learning experience!
    Swing is probably my favorite style! Once a friend was trying to teach me how to do a dip (he knew how, I didn't) and we got a little cocky and ended up sitting on the ground x)

    1. Swing dancing with friends is my favorite! Lol about falling on the floor. :D

    2. I love that swing is so universal! If you know the basics, you can do it with anyone!
      Yeah....we swung too fast x)

  2. I love a fit and flare dress, and I especially love the Old Navy ones! I love the floral pattern!

    However much I love this dress, the fact that you wore it to go dancing makes it even better! I LOVE dancing! It is the thing of memories and moments. I haven't had many chances this summer, but then again, I'm always dancing! Loved this post!


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