Travel Guide: The Local Blueberry Farm

Friday, July 08, 2016

One of my favorite parts about the summer is getting to go to new places; whether for a week-long trip across the country (or overseas!) or just a drive to an out-of-the-way area that you wouldn't have time to visit during the more constrictive months of the Autumn and Winter. We recently drove out to Golden Bell Blueberry Farm and spent the morning under the low boughs of blueberry bushes, hanging heavy with fruit, and of course I brought my camera along to document it.

What I love about this particular place is the atmosphere; it's so casual and friendly, and you feel like you're going to your family's farm, even if you don't know the owners well. Not to mention the layout is gorgeous! As you can see from the photos, it has a very vineyard-esque feel about it.

Many hands make light work, and we came home laden with sticky fingers, freckled faces and 15.5 pounds of blueberries (pricing is also really decent - much more economical than buying from the grocery store, and you get to physically select the berries you want, so you know they're good!) The morning was so crisp and blue, and the sunlight coming down in shafts between the branches made me a very happy blogger (in fact, I didn't pick many of those blueberries because I was too busy taking pictures - fortunately I was with a few dedicated pickers that made up for it. ;)

I would recommend going early in the day, as that's when the best berries are available, and it's not so hot! Late June/early July is really the best time for blueberries, so if you're planning a trip to your local (or not-so-local) farm, I'd go sooner rather than later.

Have you been blueberry picking before? What was your experience? And what are your favorite recipes that include blueberries? Because we've got a ton right now, and the only thing I consistently make with blueberries are smoothies and pies...


  1. I love going blueberry picking! We usually go once a year in the morning. It's fun and beautiful and very relaxing. I don't think we're going this year though because we still have berries left from last year. XD

    I love these photos. Very beautiful!

    Blueberry muffins are good, and we like to put them in pancakes. My dad's favorite is blueberry cream cheese muffins. But they're also really good just as they are, but frozen, for a treat on a hot day. Oh, and salads. They good in salad with spinach.

    1. Yes! There's nothing like the blueberry rows in early morning. We finished ours from last year about a month ago, but yes - if you freeze them they'll definitely last a long time! :)
      Thank you!
      Mm. I love a spinach salad with pecans, blueberries and feta cheese...<3

  2. I love blueberry farms. Lots of purple and blue in so many dusty and beautiful shades, no bending over, and NO THORNS.

  3. Ugh this makes me so happy. I have so many wonderful memories from blueberry farms -- our family goes all the time, and it's so gorgeous when it's twilight and my little siblings are laughing and the sun is setting and the air smells sweet and there are so many shades of blue and blueberries are just SO satisfying to pick, let's be real. :D

  4. Gorgeous pictures, now I want some berries.


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