Monday, July 18, 2016

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite parts of traveling is packing. Not unpacking, mind you (that's the worst part), but the act of sorting out the things you're going to take and tucking them neatly and organizedly into bags, meanwhile thinking about how you plan to use/wear them? Yep, that makes my OCD heart very happy. So since I'm currently packing for a much-needed beach trip, I wanted to take you inside my makeup bag and show you what I'm bringing!

Because we're pretty much just beachin' it the whole week, I didn't bring a lot of heavy makeup. There are a lot of products still, because I'm spoiled for variety and I would like to avoid 8 days of wearing the same face, but most are quite simplistic, as you'll see, and I generally avoided any duplicates. That being said, I'll certainly be trying to narrow this down a bit more for the final pack-- this is simply the current situation!

The other thing you might notice is that I didn't skimp on brushes (actually, after photographing these I realized I forgot one!) - and there's a reason for that! When going minimal with your makeup, the key to still looking as chic and put together as if you had used more, is all in the application. If you use a good brush to apply your foundation, even if it's just a BB cream, it's going to have a more flawless finish, and that's what we're going for!

1. e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer
Long days in the sun mean melty makeup - but not with this long-time favorite of mine!
2. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
This is my everyday foundation: lightweight, medium coverage, long-lasting.
3. Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream
Can you tell I'm obsessed? This adds such a dreamy glow when layered beneath your foundation. Perfect for beach days.
4. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
I use the shade "Faint" for my eyebrows. The other shades in the palette are perfect everyday neutrals, if I fancy wearing eyeshadow.
5. Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow
Because I'm not a fan of wrinkles, but I still like to work a bronzey glow. Especially for dinner at the beach.
6. Wet N' Wild Eyeshadow Palette, "Silent Treatment"
A staple neutral palette that I threw in...when in reality, I probably won't wear much eyeshadow, but I'm an over-packer by nature (oops).
7. Limited Edition CoverGirl Star Wars Lipstick, #70 (similar shade linked)
This is a sheer, golden/brown shade, perfect for adding a little something to an overall minimal look.
8. Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick, "Flower Child"
A bright, for evenings.
9. Rimmel x Kate Moss Lipstick, #32
A peachy nude, for day time.
10. Burt's Bees Grapefruit Lip Balm
Moisturize! Burt's Bees is my all time favorite lip balm brand.
11. Real Techniques Sculpting + Contour Brushes
You can't beat Real Techniques for affordability and quality. These are absolute staples.
12. Warpaint Beauty Angled + Domed Shadow Brushes (old, better linked)
Angled for eyebrows, domed for eyeshadow.
13. e.l.f. "C" Brush
Brilliant for blending eyeshadows + anything else. 
14. Maybelline Color Tattoos, "Bad To The Bronze", "Bold Gold," + "Barely Branded"
The best swipe-and-go cream eyeshadows at the drugstore, in three muted metallic shades because variety, and because I wear all three of them in rotation almost daily.
15. Elizabeth & James Nirvana White and Nirvana Black Rollerballs
I really like them individually, but even better layered...
16. Rimmel Lip Pencils, "Eastend Snob" and "Spice"
You know I love lipstick! And these neutral liners are essential to a no-makeup makeup look.
17. Benefit "They're Real" Waterproof Mascara
The old standby, waterproof because I've been told panda isn't my best look?
18. Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal, #003 Brown
Despite the name, this product actually isn't super waterproof - but it's brilliant for a tightline, and when I'm going for a minimal makeup look, that adds a nice amp to the lashes while still staying minimal. 
19. Old, Grimy Victoria's Secret Lipgloss
I'm not much of a lipgloss wearer anymore, but when I do, it's always this one. Good for throwing on with mascara + brows + nothing else. 

So. Many. Products.  I think I might need to weed a few items out after writing this, huh?
What do you take with you in your travel makeup bag? Are you an over-packer or an edited-packer?

Feel free to give me a hard time for this in the comments. I probably need to hear it. XD 


  1. ooh a beach trip! No fair ;) Post lots of pictures on instagram!
    I'm like you, I tend to overpack for fear of needing something I left at home.
    Are these your favorite makeup brushes? I've recently decided I need to upgrade my brushes so I'm looking for recommended brands :)

    1. You bet I'm going to be posting all the 'grams! :D
      Real Techniques are my favorite - I highly, highly recommend them! M.A.C. brushes are supposed to be the holy grail of makeup brushes, but I've found RT to be just as good, and loads cheaper. You should be able to find them at Walmart/most drugstores. I'd recommend the Starter Makeup Brush Set and the Core Collection Makeup Brush Set as a really good way to start up your stash. Between the two you should have all your basics covered. :)

  2. LOVE! *heart eyes emoji* And girl, when packing, I ALWAYS tend to over pack clothes. Being away from home leaves me in a very vulnerable position. I figure, if I overpack, I'll be prepared, just in case :)

    And, my travel makeup bag always has foundation/BB cream, blush, mascara, liquid and kohl eyeliners in black and then one pencil liner in nude, and some kind of lip product. I like to keep it simple and quick when I'm traveling. Plus, I've done this "look" so many times that it takes no time at all to do in the mornings. I also keep a roller ball perfume or a travel sized perfume.

    I always love reading your posts, Carmel <3

    1. Usually I'm the same, Kianna -- I'd much rather have extra outfit options than another face of makeup, lol! :) But since we're at the beach this time, and I can easily just wear the same shorts or a couple dresses, I figured I'd have a little extra space to splurge with makeup instead. ;)

      Thank you! That means so much to hear. <3


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