Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist 2016

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Okay, I've given in.
I'm starting to pick up a couple new pieces to add to my Autumn Wardrobe (slowly because I'm indecisive and also like to make this a season-long process). I feel like no matter how great you are at editing and perfecting your wardrobe, when the new season rolls in, there are always going to be a couple pieces you'll want to add, as well as a couple that need to move on (aside from, of course, packing away out-of-season items). Styles change and people change, so naturally the clothing we want to wear is going to fluctuate as well.

I went through a clearout last weekend and I'm ready to embrace this new season with open arms!
Here are the pieces I'd love to add to my wardrobe over the next few months - from trendy bits like a Victorian-inspired blouse (one of my favorite trends this season!) or high-waisted trousers worn with converse, to classic Autumn stand-by's like tartan scarves and leather watches. Here's to crisp days and chillier evenings!

Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist 2016

What's on your shopping list this season?


  1. Love love love! I'm still working on my autumn wishlist, but I know so far it includes some new jeans and a great black turtleneck! Also, Charlotte Tilbury = <3

    1. New jeans are always difficult to find...but when you get it right, it makes such a difference! And a black turtleneck. So good + so classic. <3 Good luck with your shopping! :)

  2. Replies
    1. AH for real though! only qualm is that it's not real. XD

  3. The shoes are the best thing in the history of black flats.


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