Dungarees + Vintage Coach | Farmer's Market Style Essentials

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I bought these dungarees about a year ago and haven't really worn them a ton. To be honest with you, as cute as they are, they're a right pain to deal with during the day (keeping a shirt tucked in, for one; and the straps usually need to be tighter when you're sitting than when you're standing...and of course there's the bathroom struggle, lol!) On top of that, because they are essentially full-length jeans, they're not the most practical thing to be wearing in the summer heat. However, I knew that if there was one occasion in which they were absolutely appropriate, it was going to the farmer's market! Under the shade of the pavilion and in the early daytime, the heat was much more mild even in dungarees, and, well, let's be real: it was too picturesque an opportunity to pass up. XD

But my favorite thing about this ensemble is the bag, because aside from being such a lovely piece to wear on it's own merit, it's got a story to it (you know I love that!). Our dear, long-time family friends are thrifting mavens, and probably the reason I got into second-hand shopping in the first place. They've found a lot of amazing things over the years, and have been kind enough to pass some of the things along that don't work for them. Recently, as they've been cleaning out their house to move, they gave us several bags from their findings, and among them was this beauty.

Real leather, vintage Coach. 

I mean, you really can't beat that, can you?

B. Ladies, if you're reading, I think of you every time I wear this beautiful bag. All the love. )

Sometimes hand-me-downs are better than new things - they have that special, sentimental value. 

What are some of the best hand-me-down's you've received? 
What are your style essentials for weekend market-shopping?

Outfit Details--
Striped tee: Old Ralph Lauren, cool #TeamUSA alternative
Dungarees: Thrifted, similar pair from Boohoo
Sandals: Old, similar
Leather bag: Vintage Coach, similar
Black sunglasses: Charming Charlie


  1. AGH. That's an amazing amazing bag. Good grief. Was there an actual bloodbath when it came time to who gets to use it?

    1. ISNT IT? Surprisingly, there was none - my sisters didn't prefer the style & I'm now the near full-time wearer (I can't believe my luck).

  2. I LOVE this outfit! How French do you look?

  3. I'm obsessed with 1980s vintage Coach. So swoon worthy.


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