My Feet Are Buried In The Sand | Beach #OOTD

Friday, August 05, 2016

You know what's funny?
I never really considered myself a beach person. 

I mean sure, I love being in the water, but I always preferred to explore a city, or hike in the mountains, or become fascinated with historical monuments. I liked the idea of a beach in some exotic place like Mykonos, Greece, or one of my favorite quiet places on earth, Carmel, CA - but a North Carolina beach was...well, a bit boring of an idea to me. 

But it's waves and sand all the same, and it's family time and work-free days for a week so heck yes I'm going. And then we got there, and suddenly all my silly little grievances were worthless because wow feel that sea breeze, and taste the salty air and the texture of the hot sand between your toes and the crash of wave after wave hitting into you, and I realized something: it's not about where you take your holiday. It's about your perspective. (Groundbreaking, huh?)

While I was fantasizing about a New York City break, with shopping and food-tasting and sight-seeing and walking miles of city blocks in the heat of July, I had forgotten just how nice it could be to sit and be for a while. I'm so constantly pushing myself to work, work, work (even when I procrastinate, I tend to do it with a fury ;) that it took me the first day and a half of the trip to remember how to not work, and how amazing that could be.

Sometimes, the best way to learn how to work productively is to take a step back and stop for a minute. To breathe. To just be. You learn a lot of things, about the world and about yourself, when you stand at the edge of the continent and feel the water push against you. You feel just out-of-control enough to remember you never were "in control" in the first place. You don't touch your phone and instead pull out your camera for extended lengths and try to create art, to capture memories, to tell stories.

Sometimes, you get more work done by not working at all.

I think I needed that.

Outfit Details--
Dress: thrifted, similar
Ribboned sandals: joules, old, similar
Bralette: old, similar


  1. Lovely pictures, I love the beach.

  2. Yes, yes, YES!!! I love the beach so much, but I feel the urge to do something more exciting. The perspective you have on /stillness/ is encouraging and a breath a fresh, salty air. For I agree, sometimes we work (or procrastinate) so hard that we forget to look up and see Who really matters.


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