Shake It Out | #OOTD

Friday, August 12, 2016

Title lyrics from "Shake it Out" by Florence + The Machine

This outfit makes me feel low-key like a ninja. Just throwing that out there.
I've been loving experimenting with so many bright colors and patterns lately, but sometimes you've just got to take it back to basics. There's nothing that makes me feel more comfortable, more me than an all-black ensemble, especially if it includes a really good pair of leggings. Of course plain black leggings can seem a bit tired, so I like to mix it up with different textures and styles. These Ponte Leggings from No Nonsense are a great example of that! With chic seams up the front of the leg adding that leg-lengthening effect as well as an overall more I-put-in-effort look, they're my go-to for lazy fashion that doesn't look lazy. They're thick enough to be pants (because no one wants to see your knicker-lines) but breatheable for summer days - generally, a really good transition item. I love these for a carefree weekend, especially.

What clothing items do you feel most like yourself in -- or rather, what clothes make you feel the most comfortable and confident? (I find they go hand in hand. :)

Thanks for reading, and thanks to No Nonsense for partnering for this post!

Mock Neck Sleeveless Top: Forever 21
Envelope Crossbody Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff, hand-me-down, updated
Watch: Charming Charlie
Black and White Sneakers: Nike


  1. I think a good pair of high-waisted skinny jeans with lots of stretch are one of my favorite things in life, plus they make me feel confident and comfy! :D Loving the bright colored bag, Carmel!

    1. I absolutely live in high-waisted jeans - I have a pair from Old Navy that fit like a glove, and you're right: if they fit well, they're the best thing!

      Thanks for stopping by! <3


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