The 5 Craziest Places I've Written A Blog Post

Monday, August 29, 2016

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Hello friends, and Happy Monday!

You know I'm all about polished and chic. Living that blogger lifestyle, yo! Everything's gold and peonies and organized desk shots! But the truth of the matter is that as a recent graduate, working full time between high school and college, my life is anything but glamorous. We've already talked about why I don't have my life together, but today I want to dive a bit deeper into that topic, and pull back the proverbial curtain that lies between what you see on your screen and what actually goes on in the production process. Today we're talking the 5 craziest places I've written a blog post. 

If you're also a blogger, PLEASE JOIN IN THE FUN. I'd love to know all the crazy places you've finished up an article (last-minute, of course. XD)

1. In The Hallways at Dance
If you've danced, you know that between classes is a great time to work on homework and generally just get. stuff. done. My old studio didn't have a lot of seating space outside the classroom though, so on multiple occasions I found myself sitting cross-legged on the floor in an empty hallway, typing away on my laptop to make use of that extra time. I also used the rather spacious dressing room once or twice...

2. Backstage at a Recital
Tying in with the first one, the time between dances at a performance is actually a lot longer than you might think. And with recitals as long as ours had been known to be, there were actually several occasions on which I could be found sitting on the Marley floor in a leotard and sweats, writing a post for the upcoming days. #ThatGlamLyfe

3. At The Airport
The last time I went on a plane, I remember sitting at the gate and absent-mindedly looking out the window (as you do) and getting a vivid idea of how I wanted to write a certain post. I have no clue what post that ended up being, but that sort of clarity is rare and hard to come by so - yep, you guessed it - I pulled out the notes section of my phone and wrote, edited and even copied into a post draft right from the terminal. Who knew? (But really, now I'm curious what post that ended up being...)

4. At a Restaurant
It was late on a Thursday night, I didn't have my Friday post written, and we had been out all evening. Procrastination at it's finest, folks! I ended up going to a sleepy family dinner in a hotel restaurant, and finishing up the post in a booth after we ate, while everyone else watched football...Yeah, not my best moment. (But also, I'm admittedly not a big football fan...XP)

5. In The Back of a Car
Road trips are almost a family hobby at this point, so it's probably no coincidence that I have, in fact, written a week's worth of blog posts in the back/passenger seats of the car. You're probably wondering how I managed to get internet connection on the interstate...I didn't! #draftinginmicrosoftword

What's the craziest place you've written a post - be it on your blog, or on social media!

P.S. I wrote this in my bed on Sunday afternoon. You'd think I would've learned the consequences of procrastination by now...


  1. Haha. Those are great. The thing is, most of my blog posts come to life haphazardly, on my bed or at a coffee shop. There is very little deviation. XD

    1. I probably do the most of my writing between those two spots and the kitchen table, too, if I'm honest. But the deviations there have been...well, there's a story for every one of them. XD


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