The Most Human Color | #OOTD

Friday, August 26, 2016

Today's look is a mirage of blue shades. I've always loved blue; aside from black (because duh), I'd say it's definitely my favorite shade to wear. So when I found these pale blue shorts (J. Crew!) at Plato's Closet, I knew they were a winner. Paired with a navy boxy top (can we talk about that scalloped edge though because mmmm!) I feel right at home in these colors.

With these photos, I sort of accidentally discovered a new trick that I really love. I was test-shooting for color and focus before I set the timer, and accidentally caught my finger in the frame. The affect was that cool orange lens flare, and I loved it! To recreate the effect while I was modeling, I taped a piece of pink paper to hang just in front of the top of the lens, and it worked! Happy accidents are my favorite.

title lyrics from "blue lips" by regina spektor

Here's to a fun-filled weekend! Summer's almost over - soak up the most of it!

Top: J. Crew, similar, similar
Shorts: J. Crew, similar
Converse: exact
Watch: vintage, similar


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