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Monday, August 08, 2016

title lyrics from "blow away" by a fine frenzy

Anyone else getting that end-of-summer urge to wear all the summer clothes? Like you need to use them up quickly before the season ends?

I'm normally the last person to get excited about fall. Summer is my favorite season, and I want to savour it and suck the marrow out of every moment of it. Ever year it seems to go faster; every year I want it to last longer, want to do more, and I can never quite seem to fit in half the plans I start with. But you know what? That's part of the magic of summertime: possibility. Even when you're no longer in school, and you have work year-round, there's a slightly more laid back feel to the summer season and everyone wants to go outside in their free time. 

Funny thing is, this past week I've been stifling a little flicker of excitement for the autumn season and cooler weather. Say what now?? Maybe it's the concept of a new season of life, which always has excited me, or maybe as I get older, and some (not all) of the magic of summer is dusted away, I'm growing quite content with the idea of snuggly sweaters and high leather boots. 

Or maybe, just in general, I'm beginning to understand what it means to "live in the moment" - to want to live the heck out of summer, but when fall comes 'round, to embrace it with open, cuddling arms. 

Lace and Grey Top: old, beautiful alternative
Navy Shorts: Old Navy (size down as they run large)
Leopard Bow Flats: Forever 21, old, similar
Baseball Hat: old, cute new style
Tres Chic Tote Bag: Old Navy. same bag different design; cute cat one


  1. <3 I love fall most, but I will miss summer.

    1. Fall is pretty great...I like summer better, but as I say, I'm getting that autumn itch already, so... <3

  2. I'm not ready for summer to leave, but I love fall.


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