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Friday, September 30, 2016

If you've spent any significant amount of time on the internet, you've probably been pelted multiple times already with every health trend known to man. I feel like I'm constantly getting told not to eat one thing, only to find another website telling me it's the one thing I should be eating. I'm told I should get a magic number of hours of sleep, and that if I drink lemon water three times a day my stomach will develop a six pack on its own. There's so much conflicting health advice out there, that sometimes it's hard to really know what is worth it's salt and what really isn't! 

Health isn't a cookie cutter rule that everyone should follow: everyone's body is a little different, and will therefore react to different habits and systems differently! What works for me may not necessarily work for you.

So with that in mind, I wanted to approach the topic of health from a much more broadly applicable standpoint: as everyone knows, being healthy is all about habits. It doesn't matter how healthy you were for one day if that was the only day you did it: what makes a difference is consistency and persistence! Today I'm especially focusing on mental health.

Here are 5 Healthy Habits that have helped me be more productive and healthy in my day to day life, and I've seen work repeatedly for the people in my life around me. Here's the secret: they work because they are simple. It's all about the basics, man.

1. journal your thoughts.
Emma Watson reportedly journalled all throughout the filming of the Harry Potter films, and it's a habit she's maintained to this day (side note: how cool would it be to read those though). Not only does journalling clear your head, especially if you write before going to sleep, but it also provides tangible record of your own personal growth. It doesn't have to be much: just a few lines a day about whatever your thoughts are, and it's amazing to go back and track your maturing. (I love re-reading my old journal entries, laughing about my younger self, and being surprised at little moments of true wisdom that I couldn't possibly have seen at the time.)

2. get outside more. 
It's simple: fresh air clears your head. Even if it takes moving your laptop to the porch for a while during the work day (or opening a window if you really cannot leave the workplace), this makes such a difference in productivity levels, and always calms me when I'm feeling anxious.

3. drink more green tea.
This is one health trend that actually has basis in fact. Green tea, from my own experience, relaxes the body: which most teas generally do, but green tea, being caffeine-free also relaxes the mind, which is just as important. It also boosts your metabolism and is good for your skin, so there's nothing to loose here!

4. time yourself when you work
...and then stop work when you're done. As a female entrepreneur working from home at the moment, it's easy to mix work and spare time if I don't stay on top of things. Setting specific work times, setting an actual timer and sticking by it, makes all the difference and means that I'm actually way more productive within my work times than before, and I can enjoy my free times without guilt. And guilt-free leisure time is so good. 

5. spend time alone.
Even if you're an extrovert, it's important to find a few moments every day to yourself: to reflect and pray, to clear the clutter and chatter from your head, or simply to remember who you are, underneath all the things people have told you you ought to be (not always a bad thing, either, but always to be taken in balance!). You might find (I certainly have) that spending time apart from other people every now and then almost "resets" your social meter and refreshes your spirit. On the converse, if you're an especially introverted introvert, don't forget to spend time around people - even when you may not initially want to - as you find fresh perspective in conversation where you weren't even looking for it...

How do you take care of yourself, mentally? What are some habits you've taught yourself over the years?


  1. Love these tips! Journaling and spending time outdoors always gives me so much mental clarity.

    I also love getting up early to watch the sunrise, and taking a little extra time for myself before I have to start work. It helps me feel much more relaxed. (And i fall asleep sooner at night. haha!)

    1. Thanks Jana! Getting up early is a great suggestion - there's nothing like having a little extra me-time every day. :)


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