Friday, September 16, 2016

I've always been a bit of a black connoisseur when it comes to fashion. As I've said hundreds of times before, there really is nothing like it: black is chic without trying. Black is slimming. Black looks expensive even when it's a pair of thrifted pants or a tank top you bought at T.J. Maxx. Black looks effortless.

I mean, I see where color is coming from. Why be confined to one label? Why not play a different role with every shade you slip into? Yet to that, I have to answer - at the end of the day I would like to be Me, underneath it all. And for me, nothing feels more like a second skin than a black article of clothing. 

Black does not have to be boring. What's amazing about the absence of color is that it draws your attention to other elements: the cut, the silhouette it creates, the small details like a ruched waistband or a textured fabric. And it makes whatever your wearing besides the black pop. 

Take this knapsack, for example: it's a subdued navy shade that, worn against a pair of jeans, could easily have been lost in the mixture. Yet against a black canvas, it becomes the statement piece of the look. Instead of warring for attention with another element, it slides gracefully into the foreground. Who says a "pop of color" has to be red?? Who says it can't be a beautiful navy??

The moral of the story:
You could say I'm obsessed with my new Kate Spade knapsack.

(I'm a sucker for their sales.)

What about you? Do you think black is boring?

top (similar) / sunglasses / knapsack (no longer available at Kate Spade; Ebay) / pants (similar) / sandals (similar) / watch

This post is not sponsored by or in collaboration with Kate Spade. I just like to share things I love. 



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