Friday Five: 5 Autumn Lip Shades

Monday, September 26, 2016

One of my favorite parts of the Autumn season are all the gorgeous lipstick shades that come out. Whether it's a gorgeous muted brown, a deep plum or the signature swipe of the femme fatale, a dark red: they all seem to woo me come September, and I'm stockpiling like there's no tomorrow. (Sorry, bank account.)

These are 5 lipsticks I'm loving this season, from the browny nudes right through my new go-to red, in hopes we can all score that perfect Autumn pout!


1. M.A.C. "Yash"
I only just recently discovered this shade, but from the moment I swiped it on, I was in love. It's a brown-nude, with just the slightest peach undertones - and to be honest with you, when I first pulled it out of it's packaging, I was afraid it would wash me out. Far from it! It's such a beautiful shade, and if you've got skin on the paler side of the scale, it's super flattering. 

2. M.A.C. "Cream In Your Coffee"
If you can't tell from the photos (and the countless times I've mentioned this lipstick on the blog), I love this lipstick. It is the ultimate browny plum (which is exactly the way I like mine. ;) I'll quit banging on now and just leave it there.

3. M.A.C "Bowl Me Over"
Should've just called this a M.A.C. autumn lipstick post, shouldn't I? But honestly M.A.C. is the best place to look for autumn lipsticks if you, like me, like your vampy reds and seriously matte mattes. Though the swatch appears almost brown in the photo, on your lips its the most amazingly dark red. It's one of their retro matte formulas as well, meaning this truly will. not. budge. (Pro tip: exfoliate beforehand. ;) 

4. Revlon "Black Cherry"
If you prefer a purple shade, Revlon's got you covered. In the tube this one also looks quite brown, but trust me - it's a lovely dark purple. I would prefer it to be more matte, as it tends to be a bit difficult to apply and maintain: but it's far from drying on the lips, which is good, and the color and pigmentation just cannot be beat. With a lipliner, this is beautiful. 

5. Rimmel Kate Moss No. 12
I love this lipstick year round, but I particularly wanted to include it today because it's orange. And though often we forget about orange lipsticks in favor of dark ones this time of year, I think they are just as delightfully autumnal. This one's creamy-matte, super wearable, and has blue-red undertones, which make it good for those of us with golden skin tones.

What lipstick will you be wearing this autumn?


  1. Well snap. I want every single lipstick in this post. I am in love with my Fifth Avenue MAC purchase: "Amorous." The clerk took one I was looking at and matched me with "Amorous" instead. It was my first ever MAC purchase and I love it so very much. Can't wait to buy more, though I have to say that a lot of unexpected dental bills (yayyyyy root canal + crown combo) has left my purse weeping orphaned tears.

    1. Oops. Sorry. XD
      I hadn't seen "Amorous", but I just looked it up - gorgeous! MAC is so good with color, I could buy way more lipsticks than I'd ever use. It's a good thing money is an obstacle.

      Dental bills are wretched. I am sorry.

  2. I need the cream in my coffee one.


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