Dressing For Fall (When The Temperatures Are Still High) | #OOTD

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Top: old, similar
Pants: thrifted, similar
Purse: exact
Watch: vintage, similar
Shoes: old, similar

As you're probably well aware if you live below the Mason-Dixon line (or if you're even familiar with the Mason-Dixon line?), while the calendar and everything in the stores suggest it's fall after September 22nd, the weather and the foliage hardly differ from August until mid-October. And even then, temperatures are so mild as to be more like a British summer than a true fall, generally ranging in the 70s during the day and going down to the 40s at night (Farenheit). Having grown up in the South for 18 years, I've had years of experience of trying to find a balance between fall dressing and summer temperatures. And there are a few things you might want to keep in mind!

-I always like to have a few lightweight button-downs in my wardrobe, specifically for this time of year. A button-down is a great way to channel that same autumnal energy, without getting any dreaded sweat patches. Stores like Target, J. Crew and Old Navy always bring out a good selection around this time of year, so I tend to pick up a couple to refresh and switch out with old ones! It's important to get a breathable fabric, like cotton or linen, but that doesn't mean you can't buy them in tartan prints! I'm loving this black and white plaid from Old Navy at the moment. 

-Another great way to transition for fall is by choosing autumnal colors! The olive pants featured in today's look are super lightweight and high-temperature-appropriate, but the shade is signature fall. Especially with brown leather accents, like my old favorite sandals, or a classic watch.

How do you transition your summer wardrobe? Is it beginning to get cool yet in your neck of the woods, or are you still feeling those summer temperatures?


  1. I'm still suffering through summer temperatures ;P

  2. Ugh you're so cute. I want these olive pants.

  3. Love the soft lighting in these pictures. Beautiful!


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