Introducing: The Chic Sheet

Saturday, September 17, 2016

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I've been looking for a more distinctive name for all my Loving Lately well as a better place to put them. Content-wise, I prefer to share meatier posts during the week, and there's so much to talk about, that in order to share these lists of things I've been loving around the internet, I often have to push other things aside. Yet, I love these posts. I love reading what other people have found interesting each week (Carly's On My Radar posts or Emily's Find of The Week are some of my favorites! I also love Lauren's Weekender posts.), and when I in turn find something I love, I want to share it in a concise way (rather than splattering links all over twitter. Oops).

Then it hit me: why am I confining myself to just three posts weekly? Why not four? (Why not more, for that matter?)

So welcome to The Chic Sheet 
(a play on "cheat sheet" because I'm a nerd and I love puns.)
The purpose of this is to share with you my finds every week, for your Saturday morning browsing in bed, your Saturday brunch coffee-shop clicking, or your Sunday evening scrolling to avoid the Smonday blues.  

1. How To Maintain Your Workout Routine While Traveling | Cupcakes and Cashmere
As a semi-recent gym convert (though I suppose January isn't really recent anymore is it? ha!) travel and workout schedules aren't things that I've had to mesh too much yet. The longest trip I've been on this year was a vacation in which I set myself a reasonable goal of 2 workouts during the trip - and since my cousins were triathlon-training, it was pretty easy to just tag along with them. However, as time goes on I know I'll be running into more overlap in these two areas, and so I found this post really helpful - and exciting! I love travel and always want to do more, but I never want to sacrifice a workout for that - and after reading this, I don't know if I'll ever have to.

2. NEW YORK FASHION WEEK STREET STYLE like my favorite part of the fall season. I love street style, especially New York street style, especially at fashion week. The outfits are crazy and most of them totally unwearable anywhere else, but I find it so fun to peruse long lists of photographs and mentally critique and/or admire the creativity that went into some of these looks. I always get the most inspiration after scrolling through some really cool street style photoshoots: it's like editorial in real life, and I love it.

3. The Busy Person's Lies | NYT 
I'm not usually a reader of the New York Times, but I recently found this article through another blog, and thought the ideas and information presented were really fascinating. I've always been skeptical of people who say they're busy all the time - which is hypocritical of me, because I do say I'm busy more often than I actually am - but seeing the details laid out like this was exciting. I'd love to calculate how many hours a week I am spending on social media - and is it so much more than I need to? (probably). What could I be doing with those hours that is not only more productive - because I believe social media can be productive, if you use it right - but something that is a good use of my time?

4. How To Post 5 Times A Week When You Have A Full Time Job
And the post that led me to the previous link would be...
I love this. I love Jackie's blog. I love that she works full time, blogs full time and still has a life to blog about. Anyone else out there trying to make a living on the side of blogging (and that order is important), this post is for you.

Happy Saturday, friends! What are your weekend plans?


  1. Yusss! More Carmel during the week is not a bad thing. :P

    Chic sheet is such a creative title! <3 And I'm glad you're posting more of these kinds of things, because these lists tend to be among my very favorite content here. These and the elegance series... ;)

    Keep at it, girl! And best of luck.

    1. Kelsey!! That made my day. <3

      Yes, I'm afraid I've been rather lax with The Elegance Files lately! I need to bring those back...;)

  2. I love your posts, so more would be awesome.


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