The Best of Summer 2016

Monday, September 05, 2016

Happy Labor Day, friends! Since today is basically the benchmark for the end of summer, I figured we'd take a trip back into the archives and reminisce. :)

Last year I shared a post rounding up all my favorite memories, all my firsts and lasts of the summer season and basically commemorated that season of my life as it was tied up and put aside. Somehow, we've come to that time of year again (what??) and I really want to do the same, as I loved going back and rereading that old post a year later!

-I read the biography behind Hamilton: An American Musical, Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton, and fell even more in love with early American history, if possible (technically, though, I haven't quite finished it...oops.)
-I read The Nightingale, Between Shades of Grey, and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and fell in love for the first time with World War II era fiction.

-I started shooting outfit posts outside, and bought my first designer purse!
-I partnered with No Nonsense again, and was obsessed with neck scarves. Like really obsessed.

-Watched the entirety of ABC's Once Upon A Time series and fell in love with its cheesy adorableness. Fellow ONCE fans, can we talk about Season 5 please??
-Caught up with a couple classic chic flicks I should have seen years ago (The Devil Wears Prada, 10 Things I Hate About You...) Reignited my favoritism for 90s chic flicks in the process. {90's chic flicks are the best.}

-Decided to continue eating sugar-free after Lent, and shared a few recipes along the way...
-Ate a lot of good food; splurged strategically and epic-ly. (Favorite splurge of the season: cookies and creme gelato. Ohmywordy.)
-Became obsessed with cold brew coffee, and have probably drunk a cup every morning since...

-Went to the beach at the Outer Banks for a week (arguably the best week of the summer!) and I came back with a fresh perspective.
-Took a quick pitstop in Indianapolis during a road trip further north and decided I need to properly visit someday soon!

-Went to a blueberry farm and took some of my favorite pictures I've ever shot.
-Went to the farmer's market and learned a few things.
-Went to a backyard concert and had amazing life chats with some of my favorite people.

There was so, so much more, of course, but-- these were my highlights.
So here's to Summer 2015, and remembering it;
To Summer 2016, and appreciating it;
And to Summer 2017, that it exceeds all the previous summers (though I don't know how that could be possible.)

What did you get up to this summer? Share your favorite moments/stories/accomplishments below!


  1. 90's chick flicks are seriously the best.

    Summer farmer's markets are also the best.

    I've been wanting to go to the Outer Banks for quite some time now, and your posts have only made me want to go all the more!

    Finally... I miss you! :)

    1. We need to get together and watch 90s chick flicks. I'm textjng you. XD

  2. !0 things I hate about you is one of my absolute favorites. Also next time I'm in Franklin we're going to get together and make healthy snack because I'm trying really hard to be sugar free (help me)

    1. Yes!! I'd love to. And I'm so proud that you're trying to be sugar free - holla! :)

  3. I love ONCE, I actually just visited where they film. I have mixed feelings about season five, Rumple is my favorite character, and he did a lot of dumb things this season.

    1. That's so neat, Skye! Rumple is one of my faves too...and Robin. And Hook. So yeah, Season 5 was difficult. XD


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