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Saturday, September 24, 2016

French Cafe Lounge Spotify Playlist
Mmm. I've been loving swaying to this jazzy Spotify playlist while cooking in the evening (when we finally get a break from the heat.) It's sounds like a glass of red wine in the bathtub, or chilled plein air dining. Love.

Feeling Lost (4 Quick Actions To Help You Find Your Way) | The College Prepster
I have to admit, when I saw the title of this post on my dashboard I nearly laughed. Oh please. How many times have we seen these posts and found no more than a pithy saying about how "you are enough," that solves a grand total of nothing? I was so pleased to read this post and discover just the opposite: sound advice, and solidly written. Go give it a read and let me know-- do you agree?

Get Ready With Me: A Day In Paris | Hello October
You know I'm a sucker for Paris and breakfast and style, and this was a lovely swirling of the three! Get Ready With Me videos are some of my favorite, and this definitely didn't disappoint.

Why You Shouldn't "Keep On Keeping On" | Alyssa Freitas 
If you read one post from this list, let it be this one. I recently discovered Alyssa's blog and I have to say: I'm really impressed with her etiquette posts. She's got a solid website, and this post in particular really resonated with me, in which she shared why "'what you put out in to the universe will manifest itself' is simply not true." Read the full post here!

Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Syrup? | Dashing Dish
Even though I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte for my September monthly splurge, the craving for pumpkin-spiced-everything is still too real. Unfortunately, most Pumpkin Spice creamers or syrups at the grocery store are chock-full of sugar and other chemicals, so I've been searching for a way to recreate it at home, where I can control the ingredients! I haven't tried this recipe yet, but I intend to use it as a sort of template: instead of Stevia, I'd probably use dextrose or honey.  Here's to autumn flavours that don't have to be splurges!

Cheers to the weekend, loves! Have you discovered anything nice this week? Do share!


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