What's New In My Makeup Bag? (Products I'm Loving Lately)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I haven't shared any beauty favorites over here in so long, that I figured a little update was due! After all, I've been loving quite a few new products at the moment, and they're definitely worth a mention. I must have some special luck right now, because I haven't picked up a product that I haven't loved the past few times I've gone shopping...*wink*

1. Real Techniques Starter Eyeshadow Set
After mentioning this in my Travel Makeup Bag post, it occurred to me that I really did need to update my eyeshadow brush situation - the old warpaint beauty ones I had been using were getting old and grimy beyond washing, not to mention I was wanting something fluffier for blending in general. What better option than this classic eyeshadow set? I've got all the brushes I need now, in one lovely kit (oh. and they match. well doesn't that just take the cake?).

2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara
After hearing all the hype around this mascara, and with my favorite Benefit They're Real drying up on me at the most inconvenient moment, I decided to switch back to a drugstore mascara for a while, and let me just say: I was not disappointed. If you buy one thing from this post, let it be this mascara. Holy eyelashes, it's good.

3. Covergirl "Oh Sugar!" Tinted Lip Balm, "Punch"*
I'm not usually much of a tinted lip balm girl, so when I was kindly sent this product to review, I wasn't sure what I would think. I was so wrong though - it's lovely! It gives your lips such a fresh, bright, your-lips-but-redder look, and I for one am smitten. Goes especially well with a bronze eye look, and because it's a balm, reapplies so easily, you might not even need a mirror...

4. Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream* + Matte Powder*
So I'd kinda given up on BB creams, at least on the drugstore level, because the only one I'd found that I liked was still somewhat orangey, and provided little to no coverage. I was so pleasantly surprised, then, with this Covergirl BB cream, because it actually has coverage! And it's matte - so on it's own, it lasted through my entire work day, and a workout afterwards: still looking fresh. I'm still eternally loyal to my Rimmel Match Perfection liquid foundation, but this is quickly becoming my go-to, especially on longer days, or when I'm doing my makeup on the go (the little tube makes it so easy to throw in your bag for touchups as well). Because it is matte, I prefer not to combine it with the matching powder; however, the powder on it's own is great as well. I'm just more of a dewy-skin girl myself...

If you have dry skin, I wouldn't recommend. However, fellow oily-skinned ladies, take notes!

5. L'Oreal Infallible Matte-Matic Pencil Eyeliner, Navy Matte
This eyeliner was a bit of an impulse buy, after watching Anna's makeup clear out and remembering how I'd wanted to try this trend! If the thought of blue eyeliner makes you cringe, be comforted: this is not brightly saturated. Rather, it's a subtle alternative to a brown or black kohl pencil, and the blue tones tend to bring out the blue in my eyes, so no complaints here! Not to mention the quality of these L'Oreal pencil liners is unbelievably long lasting! I hadn't realized how much I'd just accepted smudged liner as a fact of life until it wasn't something to contend with - and now I'm a total snob for it!

Funny story: I got this just to mess around with a trend, and now I'm wearing navy eyeliner almost every day. Huh.

Have you guys discovered any new makeup bits recently? 
Would you wear blue eyeliner? 
Have you bought that Maybelline mascara yet? ;)

*I was sent these products to review for free. All opinions are my own.


  1. I think Navy liner would wash out my silver-green eyes but I would totally go for the same thing in Aubergine.

    1. Ooh yeah! Aubergine would look lovely on you. <3

  2. Incidentally I almost wore purple eyeliner today, only to discover that it wasn't sharp.
    and I was too lazy to sharpen it ;)
    I use Maybelline's Lash Sensational mascara! It's my fave.

  3. I actually wear blue eyeliner to school quite a bit. It matches my uniform nicely.


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