ALL ART CAN BE INSPIRATIONAL // (What I Learned From Instagram Creators)

Monday, October 31, 2016

So since starting up my public blog Instagram, I've been meeting and connecting with so many new creatives online. It's been really inspiring to me, for one thing, because I feel like I've been in a blogging rut for almost a month now, and finding other creatives that are pushing the proverbial box-boundaries always helps me to do the same. (Caveat: I wouldn't say I'm completely out of the rut, but I'm working through it, which is key.) During this process, however, I'm noticing something pretty fantastic about a lot of Instagram creators: they all seem to draw inspiration from a diverse range of art.

I see photographers connecting with fashion bloggers, and painters connecting with social media managers, and musicians drawing from literature, and writers learning from musicians. There's a sense of art being universal: a theme that one form of art draws from and is, consequentially, inspired by multiple other forms. As a writer and a fashion-enthusiast, I find this wildly exciting.

I mean, think about it: some of the most iconic fashion collections have been inspired by history. Even this years biggest trends are odes to art and interior design from past generations.
I mentioned just this weekend that I glean most of my writing inspiration from the music I listen to. (For those new here, yep! I write books in my spare time!)
I'm finding more and more that you can't just try to be inspired by one specific type of work, because then your art becomes a copy; a second-rate edition of what someone else has already done. But when you diversify your resources, pulling from paintings and music and photography and life and everything you come in contact with, your art becomes a better reflection of real life.

Real life is multi-faceted. If you only draw inspiration from your specific little niche, you'll never grow beyond it, and art that's not growing is art that's dying. Not to mention, inspiration's a lot easier to find if you're not limiting yourself to something exactly like what you aim to be.

So the question of the day is this:
what inspires you?

My Online PTs + Learning From Musicians | The Chic Sheet, v. 6

Saturday, October 29, 2016

img via tumblr.

Hello and Happy Weekend, chums!

I've got a bit of a groggy brain this morning after going to a concert last night...I'm like a granny these days with the 5AM work wakeup calls, and anything after 10PM feels crazy to me - lol!
But besides catching up on sleep this weekend, I'm also working on my Halloween costumes (Sadness from Inside Out for work; undecided for our neighborhood festivities...can I pull off Hamilton?). Because no matter how old I am, I'll always jump at a chance to dress up as someone else...That probably says something about me, if you care to look deep enough, but the only thing I'm looking deep into this morning is my coffee.


1. Workout Advice with LilyPebbles and TheAnnaEdit
I actually watched this video last weekend, and my first thought was dang! this would've been nice to feature in this week's Chic Sheet. Ha! So instead, it's coming around again in this week's. I've been watching YouTube for years, and though I love Lily and Anna's channels, haven't had time to watch their videos much the last few months. (If I've only got 10 minutes, I'm always going to choose Casey Neistat, because his are my favorite videos.) But I really loved the style of this video, just chatting about health and fitness, motivation, and life with a topic but no set "agenda" or ad to squeeze in-- it was like watching a roundtable interview, or hanging out with some friends and chatting. I wish more people on YouTube would do this podcast-style video, as it's perfect to listen to while getting housework done! Or maybe I should just find a good podcast. Any recommendations?

2. Best Cardio For Fat Loss | The Lean Machines
Obviously after watching the previous video, I had to check out the Lean Machines - about whom I've heard loads, and obviously watching Carly Rowena and Jim Chapman, I "know" the boys who run the channel - and I couldn't believe I hadn't stopped by earlier! I haven't had a chance to try out any new classes at my gym yet (which is probably down to my astute laziness alone) but watching some of their videos gave me much-needed fresh workout inspiration. Because I've been in a rut and I want new routines to try! This treadmill cardio video was informative and easy to understand. It's like having a free online personal trainer, and I'm all about that. *hands up*

3. One Republic "Oh My My"
As a long-time fan of One Republic, I was naturally pretty excited about this new album! And after giving it a good listen for the last couple weeks I can honestly say it's on par with their best works. I think "Native" is still my favorite album, but this clocks close second for epic tracks like "Let's Hurt Tonight," "Born," "Kids," and my favorite, "Choke." Have you listened yet? What are your thoughts??

4. Regina Spektor On Motherhood, Grief, and Growing Up | Noise
You know I love Regina Spektor's music. So for me, watching this interview and getting to peek a little more into her head and the mind behind that music was so fascinating and inspiring! (Hint to writers: books and music aren't all that different. Don't be afraid to learn from great artists in both genres.) I also related to what she was sharing about writing some of her saddest work at the happiest of times...which probably explains why I love her music so much, but it was cool to me to see her mind working in similar ways to my own. :)

Alright, I'm going to cut the ramble here. 
Happy Weekend! Do you have any Halloween plans? If you're dressing up, who are you going as?
(And do you think cosplaying Lin-Manuel Miranda is insane or borderline genius? ;)

Friday Five: 5 Songs To Get Your Workout Playlist Kick-Started

Friday, October 28, 2016


I don't talk about it a ton around here, but working out is a pretty decent-sized part of my everyday routine. I work out 3 times per week, meaning I go through music and playlists like there's no. blooming. tomorrow. (To the people who workout more frequently: how do you not run out of music?)

I wanted to share a peek into my current workout jam selection: the type of blood-pumping music that gets me through even the hardest of cardio sessions - but I realized it changes so often, and is so dependent on my mood, I wasn't sure how helpful it would be to anyone. Different people get motivated and energized by different things, and if I'm not inspired by the same things all the time, how can I expect you'll be any different? So instead of bombarding you with all my favorites, here are 5 songs that always motivate me, no matter what mood I'm in, to get my butt out on the floor and sweating. 

1. "Let's Hurt Tonight" -One Republic
2. "The World Will Know" -Newsies Original Broadway Cast Recording
3. "Good To Be Alive" -Andy Grammer*
4. "Jump" -Van Halen
5. "Shake It Out" and/or "Dog Days Are Over" -Florence and The Machine 
(I couldn't pick just one with Florence...*heart eyes*)

There are obviously SO many more, but these are the ones I keep on coming back to.

Let me know what music gets you moving at the moment! (even if that's just getting out of bed in the morning. Because some days even that is an accomplishment.)

*listen with caution, aka this one's not for your mom and/or the kids you babysit. 

Elevating Your Autumn Look | Light Layers #OOTD

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What I love about cleaning out and overhauling my wardrobe is that I always end up throwing a few things together I'd never previously thought of! I was about to put away this parisian-pink sleeveless blouse on Saturday, as I was cleaning: but before I put any summer item away, I always try to think if there's a way to wear it for winter. The item that happened to be underneath it was this blue scalloped knit, and suddenly something clicked in my head...

I love the look of a collared shirt underneath knits, so why not this? It's a little different, and that's exactly what I love about it. I'm finding that the simplest way to quickly elevate your look from simple to thoughtful is by using layers.

...and speaking of layers, I also decided to layer a delicate necklace under one of my favorite neckties. A lot going on? Maybe. To keep the look from being too confusing to the eye, I wore simple skinny jeans, leather loafers and a classic black crossbody.

Contrasting hemlines are a trend I've been wanting to try, so this pairing made me especially pleased! (I'm still not brave enough to wear socks with open shoes yet though...)

Outfit Details--
Navy scalloped knit tee: J. Crew, old// similarbudget option
Blush pink sleeveless collared shirt: Thrifted// similar
Bandana neck-tie: Vintage, hand-me-down// similar
Light wash high-waist skinny jeans: Old Navy
Camel leather loafers: Crown Vintage via DSW
Black crossbody: Juicy Couture, old// updated

And in case you didn't notice, yes, I'm still wearing short sleeves. Yes, November is in less than a week. #southerngirlperks

What light layers do you like to wear to switch up your style?

Where To Buy Chunky Knit Socks (For Every Budget)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Monday, friends!
I switched over my wardrobe this weekend, finally feeling temperatures cool enough to justify my pulling out the sweaters! But as I was switching my stuff (and getting rid of things, because that always needs to happen) I realized I don't have very many good pairs of knit socks.

What I do have is knee socks - three or so pairs, if I remember - so I'm very happy with my selection there. I remembered that at the end of last year, I cleaned out my boot sock collection almost entirely, throwing away all the old pilly pairs or the crazy colored fuzzy socks I'd ben holding onto for far too long - and decided to wait until Fall came around, with all the new prints and colors, before "restocking" so to speak.

So for the next weeks, I'm keeping my eyes out for a few good pairs of chunky knit socks (or camp socks, if you prefer) to wear with shorter boots, or for when I don't need a full on knee sock with my tall boots. Winter is mild in the south, after all!

I thought I'd share the options I was looking at with you, in case you're looking for boot socks too! These are just a few of the options out there. I've found cute pairs at Target, Old Navy and even Walmart that I just couldn't find links to online...with boot socks, I find I like to touch them in-store anyway to feel the texture. (I'm quite picky!) For that reason, you might find this is more of a jump-starter to your hunt, giving you an idea of what you're looking for, rather than the exact links - either way, though, I hope it's helpful!

I also threw some cashmere ones in there, just in case you're in the market to pamper yourself, because that's always nice...



Did you watch the #HAMILDOC? | The Chic Sheet v. 5

Saturday, October 22, 2016

This week was one of lots of work and not much else; the bright side, though, is that I was very productive in Real Life, and got a lot of things knocked off my to-do list that had been there far too long...and even had time for a cup of coffee and a long chat with a dear friend once Friday rolled around. (Much needed and much appreciated.)

The bad news, however, is that this post is a little later than bad.

So to avoid further delay, let's jump right into the link I'm loving right now!

The Chic Sheet, v. 5
1. 5 Things That Will Totally Help You Chill Out | The College Prepster
In a similar vein with the post I shared on Wednesday, I really loved reading Moxie's guest post at College Prepster this week. It's all about chilling out: things that actually do work. I definitely found myself resonating with these things, not so much as a I've never heard this before but Oh my goodness duh why do I always forget about that. So I'm pinning it for later, because I never remember how to take care of myself when I actually need care. XP

2. Seventeen Dresses
I just discovered this blogger this week and I'm loving perusing her sight! I'm especially a fan of her recent travel lists - you know I love lists and travel, so I've had so much fun perusing those. She's off to Europe for a few weeks as of yesterday, so it looks like things are going to get very fun around there!

3. 73 Questions with Emma Stone | Vogue
I've loved the 73 Questions videos for almost as long as I've loved reading Vogue online, so when they came out with one for Emma Stone, (potentially my favorite contemporary actress) you can imagine my excitement! Emma is hilarious and stylish and warm as always, and I loved getting to take a little nosey around her apartment in this video as well (though I do kinda wish we could have seen her closet...). XD

4. The New Margo&Me
If you're not familiar with this blog, you might not notice the website changes at first, as they're more archive-categorical than design based. That's okay. What I wanted to divert your attention to in this post is the absolutely stunning editorial shoot in her introduction post! I can't get over how good these shots are; and how good that dress is! This is the one thing from this week's post that you need to check out. 

...And if you didn't get a chance to watch it last night (read: me) it looks like PBS is still sharing the completed livestream online! This 1.5 hour long documentary delves into the story behind Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical ground-breaker Hamilton. I can't wait to dive into more nerdiness behind my favorite modern musical tonight, with a cup of tea (or would that classify as treason? ;)

Happy Weekend, friends! What are your plans?

My Go-To Autumn Look (with Lauren of Chic Éthique)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hello friends! After taking the day to celebrate my birthday yesterday, spending time with family, eating macarons and reading, I'm feeling much more refreshed and excited about this season. I was getting in a bit of a rut artistically, which I'm not sure if you noticed here or not, in which I just didn't feel like creating. I still wrote and posted, because in the long run I knew I would regret it if I'd stopped, but I wasn't feeling as inspired as usual, for some reason. (It didn't help that it's basically been summer again the past week, and I was just planning to switch over to my Autumn wardrobe...)

Anyway. It's Friday, and I've got something really fun to share with you today! I've teamed up with Lauren of Chic Ethique to talk about go-to Autumn looks. Lauren is an Arkansas style blogger and music tutor, with a passion for ethical, slow fashion! Her style is effortless Parisian chic, which is one of the reasons (among others) that I think we get along so well. While I share my casual go-to look for Autumn, be sure to pop over to Chic Ethique and see how Lauren does dressed-up Autumn staples!

I definitely have a uniform for the colder months, and though I try to mix it up as much as possible, there are some things that you just always come back to. I'm all about elevating classics, both for a casual day running errands and working, or dressing nice for an evening out (which can be tricky as the temps start dropping!)

This look is your simple sweater/jeans/flats combination, but to keep it from being boring, I've mixed a few things up. Here's a hint: it's all in the nips and tucks!

1. I've picked an oversized turtleneck with a lot of texture and character to it. It's not your run-of-the-mill sweater, and it has a nice weight to it.

2. Because the sweater is thick, I tend to shove the sleeves all the way up, which, when paired with the roll neck flipped up, and ballet flats, definitely has a dancer-esque feel that I'm loving at the moment! Ballet-inspired is a really neat trend this fall.

3. It wouldn't be Autumn for me without a classic dark lip. My favorite at the moment is M.A.C. Bowl Me Over because it's the perfect vampy shade, right between a deep plum and merlot. I'm indecisive. I love that this lets me be both. ;)

(I would definitely recommend a lipliner with this one though-- it's a bit drying.)

Classic black flats, a good pair of jeans and my favorite leather cross body (stolen from my sister--what else are sisters for?? ;) complete the look. (And sunglasses. Because I wear them whatever the weather.)

Casual, classic Autumn fashion sorted! Perfect for brunch, shopping, or just everyday wear.

Be sure to click through to Lauren's blog to see the rest of this post: how to style a classic Autumn evening look! 

Old Tommy Hilfiger Sweater: New TommyXGigi version is very similar (and very gorgeous)
Gap Boyfriend Jeans: Very similar, and on sale!
H&M Ballet Flats: exact.
Juicy Couture Crossbody: old, updated version.
Forever 21 Sunglasses: exact.
Lipstick: M.A.C. Bowl Me Over
Gold rings: Old Navy, old, similar.


Are You Doing What's Actually Best For You (Or Are You Needlessly Pampering Yourself?)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I'm all about taking care of yourself. You know that. But something that's been bothering me a bit lately is the tendency among millenials to treat themselves constantly - almost mindlessly - because they Internet has told them to do so.

I think we too easily fall into a rut of doing certain things we think are good for us because everyone else is doing them, without actually considering whether they truly improve our spirits at all. For example-- for the longest time I thought taking a bath would make me feel more relaxed, but honestly, sometimes I much prefer a hot shower. I don't know why I thought I had to love baths, except that they're pretty hyped among bloggers and social media, and there's a romantic idea about a bath (candles, bubbles, books that never get wet) that is never a reality, at least for me (yellow bathroom lighting, sore arms holding up my book, sweating because the water is too hot). And the funny thing is that accepting that, easy and silly as it is, was really freeing to me.

Another thing: I know a lot of people who talk about happy music making them feel better after a rough day, but honestly, I feel much better if I can "release" those negative emotions, whatever they might be, listening to emotive music. I like Hillsong or Regina Spektor, or rock music, like Walk The Moon or U2. It's cathartic, in a way that happy music isn't - and that's just me.

So today I'm making a list of all the ways I take care of myself: truly doing what's good for me, not what's good for someone else. I'm sure your lists are different; maybe some things are the same. I'd love to know what heals you, after a long day at work or a rough day relationship-wise; or when you're simply brain-dead and don't want to deal. We're snowflake people, after all. You can't can an answer that will work for everyone. ❤️

1. Long walks alone (no technology).
2. Tea made by my Momma (that last part is especially important). 
3. Reading aloud (especially poetry. seriously, it's so empowering.)
4. A hot shower, freshly shaven legs (+lotion!); clean sheets.
5. Going for a run (just long enough to break a sweat, feel my lungs burning and my heart pounding in my ears.)
6. Stretching with worship or soundtrack music on.
7. Hugs. Lots of them.
8. Writing with pen and paper in the dark. This seems strange at first, but honestly it's so freeing to just scribble your thoughts without thinking about form or function, writing stream-of-consciousness and forgetting about your handwriting - I'm not promising good writing will come of it, but for me, it's one of the best ways to clear my head. 
9. Draining my feet (aka putting your legs feet-up and parallel with a wall for 10-15 minutes to let the blood drain from them). Be careful not to do this for too long, and be sure to let the blood rush back in to your legs on the floor for a few minutes before getting all the way up again.
10. Listening to my favorite music. Just listening. (A favorite of mine at the moment is "Heavy" by Birdtalker.)

What makes you feel better? Let me know how you truly care for yourself. Xx

How To Do: Menswear-Inspired Style (with No Nonsense) | #OOTD

Monday, October 17, 2016

Happy Monday, friends! 
I've partnered with No Nonsense a couple of times before, first to share How To Wear Knee Socks, then a post on Athleisure (still a favorite of mine!) and most recently, a post about Wardrobe Essentials - but I have to say, this is my favorite so far. Today I'm sharing with you my spin on menswear-inspired fashion (one of my favorite looks to play with!), without actually borrowing from the boys. Because in real life, your boyfriend's jeans don't actually look that cute on you. (Sorry.)

But that doesn't mean we can't take a few cues from the leading men in fashion! 

One of my favorite ways to do menswear is with a solid blazer; in the cooler months, I love the look of plaid wool especially. This one I purchased second-hand, which was amazing as finding a blazer that fits me all the right places is difficult at department stores as it is! In case you're not so lucky, though, I've linked a few below to help you (if you're in the market for one). Don't forget that tailoring makes a huge difference, too: never underestimate the power of a few well-placed stitches to take an okay-ish blazer and make it an amazing piece.

What I love best about menswear-inspired fashion is juxtaposition. There's nothing like the contrast between a crisp, sharp piece and a delicate one! Today I've worn heavy wool with lightweight floral; another great combination is denim and lace, or satin and leather. Finding ways to enjoy that masculine silhouette without loosing those feminine touches is one of my favorite fashion games to play.

Finally, nothing brings home a truly masculine vibe like good earthy colors. I'm loving olive this season, so these leggings from No Nonsense are the perfect way to play with the shade! I love that these are more of a dark olive, unlike most of the other pants I've seen on the market. They're thick, but they're still leggings, which means they're incredibly comfortable to run around in - and I'm always a fan of that! 

How do you do menswear?

Sunglasses: Forever 21
Black cross body: Old Juicy Couture, updated version here
Olive leggings: Shadow Olive Twill Leggings c/o No Nonsense
Leather loafers: exact


"As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I'm totally flexible!" | The Chic Sheet v. 5

Saturday, October 15, 2016

It's Saturday, and after only a half week of work this week due to travel, I feel like I'm still a little in off-mode, even though there's loads to be done - oops! But the weekend is here + that means (a little) less work, so it's all good. :)

This weekend we're celebrating all 4 of the October birthdays in our family with a big Autumnal picnic: presents, food, blankets, cider and - if I don't squeam out or completely fail this experiment - a pumpkin cheesecake. Pray for me you guys. I've never made cheesecake before. (Any tips?? Help a sister out!)

But before we get into that, let's talk about what you need to check out from this week!

I'm a long-time lover of both these brands, and athleisure [clearly, ha!], so seeing them come together on a collaborative athletics line is like a dream come true! If I wasn't currently pinching pennies for college (#studentbudget #yuck) I'd totally have bought a piece or two straight away. Top item on my list? These AMAZING sneakers...

2. Lily Pebbles on Instagram
I've just recently rediscovered my love for Lily's feed, especially with all the photos she's been sharing from her wedding recently! What can I say? I'm a sucker for cute and/or aesthetic wedding shots, and she's got 'em all. 

I found this through Pinterest, and though I normally prefer my mugs monochrome (I'm boring, judge me) this one is just too good. I don't need another mug. I have far, far too many. But dang, if I did, it would be this one...

I know I'm decades late to the bandwagon, but though I remember catching snippets of episodes when I was probably thirteen or whereabouts, I've never actually watched this series all the way through. (Whaaat?!) Emily finally convinced me, and I've been loving squeezing in an episode most nights before bed: the mood is just so Autumnal and cosy! (I'm only in season 1 though, so no spoilers!) I think if you're going to get into an old chick-flicky series, Autumn is the time to do it. Have y'all watched GG? Are you a fan?

Because I love perusing this feature on other favorite blogs I haunt, I figured why not bring it here? Under the beauty tab in the header, you'll see a link labelled "my picks". The purpose of this new tab is to have a place to put all the random things (clothes, beauty, gadgets, mugs, you-name-it) that I find in one, cohesive place for you to also benefit from! If you're looking for gift ideas for sisters/friends, or just some fashion and lifestyle inspiration in general, take a peek! Also, I'll be updating it regularly to add new + take away some old (so bookmark whatcha like. ;)

School Girl Chic + Leather Loafers | #OOTD

Friday, October 14, 2016

As the weather continues to fluctuate over here in the South, I'm finding I'm running out of ways to transition my wardrobe. I want to wear my sweaters, gosh darnit! But though nights are cold, it's far too warm mid-day to allow that, so instead I wear light pieces - the sort I'll later on come winter - in darker shades, so that I still feel somewhat seasonal. :)

In other news, can we talk about these loafers? I bought them off DSW recently, and wore them for three straight days of travel and heavy walking --- without a blister to be seen. I'm a huge fan of cute flats, but we all know you can't wear them for long walks without some comfort sacrifices. Not the case with real leather loafers, if they are done right! True, these don't have major arch support, but the softness of the leather body is so gentle against your skin, I never felt myself needing to slide them off under the table at dinner in the evening (unlike most other flats I've worn ;).

Not sponsored, I just love their product and had to share!


Kate Spade Cobble Hill Rosie purse: exact
Vintage scarf: similar

3 Fashion Trends To Try This Autumn

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


3 TRENDS TO TRY THIS AUTUMN by littleladyholloway featuring gold jewelry

As I begin to overhaul my wardrobe and pull out sweaters and flannels from last year, putting away my shorts and beloved summer dresses (guys this overhaul takes a while-- anyone want to come help?? XD), I'm keeping an eye out for what staples I'm missing in my wardrobe, as always. Do I have a good white sweater? Is this old flannel too tired and needing to be replaced? You know the drill! But I also like to keep an eye out for old trendy pieces that I'm not really into anymore. While I try not to splash out too much money on trends, I also love to play with them on an affordable level: because fashion is fun and though staples are a necessary canvas to begin with, I find I become lethargic when only working with basics. I want adventurous pieces, to mix things up!

Quick q: would you consider yourself a minimalist or a maximalist? I find I oscillate between.. 

Anyway, these are three things in particular I'm loving this season, and hoping to take more advantage of as the Autumn months continue! 

Fall is notoriously the season of dark maroons, browns, greens, blacks + navy. It's generally all about the darker shades, but I've been loving seeing that switched up a bit this year! It seems everyone's got the same idea: why not brights for fall? Cherry red nails (this one's a classic), canary yellow sweaters (I'm craving something like this or this, especially since all my sweaters are shades of grey and white...) -- and why not together? It's all about the brights this season, and I'm loving it.

I've always been a huge fan of this shoe-style, so seeing it all over the runway during fashion month was so exciting to me! I've had tri-strap faux suede flats from Forever 21 for two years now, and am loving that a trend I already own is so prevalent. There are some really cute, affordable options here + here; more of an investment option here (considering mine have already come around twice, definitely worth considering).

Though the Western trend was more last year's go-to, the leather saddle-bags have been less than transitory. Whether you choose a classic look from Kate Spade, something studded like Rebecca Minkoff's offering, or something beautiful and unique, a statement piece that, though perhaps trendy, can still be worn with classics later on. (There are also some great bargain options, from what it looks like...)

What are your thoughts on these trends? Would you wear them? Which is your favorite?

Autumn Bucket List 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

Because it's fully Autumn and like every other season, I have things I'd like to accomplish (except this one's a lot cozier than the other ones. 😉)

1. take pictures on a foggy morning
2. bake something pumpkin
3. pick apples
4. cuddle under blankets and read a novel
5. find the perfect brown leather riding boots
6. read more poetry
7. have breakfast in bed
8. have an autumn picnic (preferably with apple cider)
9. take a hike / walk through the woods
10. press-dry leaves and/or orange roses

What do you want to accomplish this Autumn?

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