3 Fashion Trends To Try This Autumn

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


3 TRENDS TO TRY THIS AUTUMN by littleladyholloway featuring gold jewelry

As I begin to overhaul my wardrobe and pull out sweaters and flannels from last year, putting away my shorts and beloved summer dresses (guys this overhaul takes a while-- anyone want to come help?? XD), I'm keeping an eye out for what staples I'm missing in my wardrobe, as always. Do I have a good white sweater? Is this old flannel too tired and needing to be replaced? You know the drill! But I also like to keep an eye out for old trendy pieces that I'm not really into anymore. While I try not to splash out too much money on trends, I also love to play with them on an affordable level: because fashion is fun and though staples are a necessary canvas to begin with, I find I become lethargic when only working with basics. I want adventurous pieces, to mix things up!

Quick q: would you consider yourself a minimalist or a maximalist? I find I oscillate between.. 

Anyway, these are three things in particular I'm loving this season, and hoping to take more advantage of as the Autumn months continue! 

Fall is notoriously the season of dark maroons, browns, greens, blacks + navy. It's generally all about the darker shades, but I've been loving seeing that switched up a bit this year! It seems everyone's got the same idea: why not brights for fall? Cherry red nails (this one's a classic), canary yellow sweaters (I'm craving something like this or this, especially since all my sweaters are shades of grey and white...) -- and why not together? It's all about the brights this season, and I'm loving it.

I've always been a huge fan of this shoe-style, so seeing it all over the runway during fashion month was so exciting to me! I've had tri-strap faux suede flats from Forever 21 for two years now, and am loving that a trend I already own is so prevalent. There are some really cute, affordable options here + here; more of an investment option here (considering mine have already come around twice, definitely worth considering).

Though the Western trend was more last year's go-to, the leather saddle-bags have been less than transitory. Whether you choose a classic look from Kate Spade, something studded like Rebecca Minkoff's offering, or something beautiful and unique, a statement piece that, though perhaps trendy, can still be worn with classics later on. (There are also some great bargain options, from what it looks like...)

What are your thoughts on these trends? Would you wear them? Which is your favorite?


  1. I wish I could come help you with your closet! I love organizing and sorting through clothes :)
    I'm really loving the Victorian style shoes- I just bought a pair of flats that are pointy toed and have laced up backs.

    1. How fun would that be though...!
      I'm a bit obsessed myself: I really want to get some lace up block heels (oops)...


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