Are You Doing What's Actually Best For You (Or Are You Needlessly Pampering Yourself?)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I'm all about taking care of yourself. You know that. But something that's been bothering me a bit lately is the tendency among millenials to treat themselves constantly - almost mindlessly - because they Internet has told them to do so.

I think we too easily fall into a rut of doing certain things we think are good for us because everyone else is doing them, without actually considering whether they truly improve our spirits at all. For example-- for the longest time I thought taking a bath would make me feel more relaxed, but honestly, sometimes I much prefer a hot shower. I don't know why I thought I had to love baths, except that they're pretty hyped among bloggers and social media, and there's a romantic idea about a bath (candles, bubbles, books that never get wet) that is never a reality, at least for me (yellow bathroom lighting, sore arms holding up my book, sweating because the water is too hot). And the funny thing is that accepting that, easy and silly as it is, was really freeing to me.

Another thing: I know a lot of people who talk about happy music making them feel better after a rough day, but honestly, I feel much better if I can "release" those negative emotions, whatever they might be, listening to emotive music. I like Hillsong or Regina Spektor, or rock music, like Walk The Moon or U2. It's cathartic, in a way that happy music isn't - and that's just me.

So today I'm making a list of all the ways I take care of myself: truly doing what's good for me, not what's good for someone else. I'm sure your lists are different; maybe some things are the same. I'd love to know what heals you, after a long day at work or a rough day relationship-wise; or when you're simply brain-dead and don't want to deal. We're snowflake people, after all. You can't can an answer that will work for everyone. ❤️

1. Long walks alone (no technology).
2. Tea made by my Momma (that last part is especially important). 
3. Reading aloud (especially poetry. seriously, it's so empowering.)
4. A hot shower, freshly shaven legs (+lotion!); clean sheets.
5. Going for a run (just long enough to break a sweat, feel my lungs burning and my heart pounding in my ears.)
6. Stretching with worship or soundtrack music on.
7. Hugs. Lots of them.
8. Writing with pen and paper in the dark. This seems strange at first, but honestly it's so freeing to just scribble your thoughts without thinking about form or function, writing stream-of-consciousness and forgetting about your handwriting - I'm not promising good writing will come of it, but for me, it's one of the best ways to clear my head. 
9. Draining my feet (aka putting your legs feet-up and parallel with a wall for 10-15 minutes to let the blood drain from them). Be careful not to do this for too long, and be sure to let the blood rush back in to your legs on the floor for a few minutes before getting all the way up again.
10. Listening to my favorite music. Just listening. (A favorite of mine at the moment is "Heavy" by Birdtalker.)

What makes you feel better? Let me know how you truly care for yourself. Xx


  1. long walks and music always make me feel better. On my way home from work I love to put on my favorite playlist and by the time I get home I feel 1000x better.

    Also running does wonders.

    Love this post :)

    1. I love that Jana - music truly is the great healer. <3

      Thank you. :)

  2. This is so fabulous on so many levels...your honesty is truly refreshing. And the list! I definitely resonate with everything on it :)

    1. Rebecca, you're too kind! I'm so glad to hear you resonated with this post. :)

  3. (Also your description of taking a bath is spot on.)


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