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Saturday, October 15, 2016

It's Saturday, and after only a half week of work this week due to travel, I feel like I'm still a little in off-mode, even though there's loads to be done - oops! But the weekend is here + that means (a little) less work, so it's all good. :)

This weekend we're celebrating all 4 of the October birthdays in our family with a big Autumnal picnic: presents, food, blankets, cider and - if I don't squeam out or completely fail this experiment - a pumpkin cheesecake. Pray for me you guys. I've never made cheesecake before. (Any tips?? Help a sister out!)

But before we get into that, let's talk about what you need to check out from this week!

I'm a long-time lover of both these brands, and athleisure [clearly, ha!], so seeing them come together on a collaborative athletics line is like a dream come true! If I wasn't currently pinching pennies for college (#studentbudget #yuck) I'd totally have bought a piece or two straight away. Top item on my list? These AMAZING sneakers...

2. Lily Pebbles on Instagram
I've just recently rediscovered my love for Lily's feed, especially with all the photos she's been sharing from her wedding recently! What can I say? I'm a sucker for cute and/or aesthetic wedding shots, and she's got 'em all. 

I found this through Pinterest, and though I normally prefer my mugs monochrome (I'm boring, judge me) this one is just too good. I don't need another mug. I have far, far too many. But dang, if I did, it would be this one...

I know I'm decades late to the bandwagon, but though I remember catching snippets of episodes when I was probably thirteen or whereabouts, I've never actually watched this series all the way through. (Whaaat?!) Emily finally convinced me, and I've been loving squeezing in an episode most nights before bed: the mood is just so Autumnal and cosy! (I'm only in season 1 though, so no spoilers!) I think if you're going to get into an old chick-flicky series, Autumn is the time to do it. Have y'all watched GG? Are you a fan?

Because I love perusing this feature on other favorite blogs I haunt, I figured why not bring it here? Under the beauty tab in the header, you'll see a link labelled "my picks". The purpose of this new tab is to have a place to put all the random things (clothes, beauty, gadgets, mugs, you-name-it) that I find in one, cohesive place for you to also benefit from! If you're looking for gift ideas for sisters/friends, or just some fashion and lifestyle inspiration in general, take a peek! Also, I'll be updating it regularly to add new + take away some old (so bookmark whatcha like. ;)


  1. I'm also late to the Gilmore Girls bandwagon- I think I'm somewhere in the middle of season 1. Is it treason to start watching the new reboot before finishing the old one?
    and I'm always down for Breakfast At Tiffany's themed mugs!

    1. Ahaha I think it might be! I'm a purist with fandoms, so I'm definitely going to watch the originals first...but you do you. ;)

  2. GIRL, SAME!!!!! I stalk wedding pictures like it's my job. And my other job is watching Gilmore Girls and obsessing over Audrey Hepburn, so this post obviously excited me!!! (That mug...)

    As for cheesecake, I have no advice except enjoy! Tell me if the recipe is good!

    1. YAS glad to know I'm not alone! ;)

      I actually ended up just doing pumpkin pie, because I'm obsessed with pumpkin pie. And it was as amazing as always, but I just use the classic Libby's recipe (so nothing new there!).

      Cheers! <3


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