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Saturday, October 22, 2016

This week was one of lots of work and not much else; the bright side, though, is that I was very productive in Real Life, and got a lot of things knocked off my to-do list that had been there far too long...and even had time for a cup of coffee and a long chat with a dear friend once Friday rolled around. (Much needed and much appreciated.)

The bad news, however, is that this post is a little later than usual...my bad.

So to avoid further delay, let's jump right into the link I'm loving right now!

The Chic Sheet, v. 5
1. 5 Things That Will Totally Help You Chill Out | The College Prepster
In a similar vein with the post I shared on Wednesday, I really loved reading Moxie's guest post at College Prepster this week. It's all about chilling out: things that actually do work. I definitely found myself resonating with these things, not so much as a I've never heard this before but Oh my goodness duh why do I always forget about that. So I'm pinning it for later, because I never remember how to take care of myself when I actually need care. XP

2. Seventeen Dresses
I just discovered this blogger this week and I'm loving perusing her sight! I'm especially a fan of her recent travel lists - you know I love lists and travel, so I've had so much fun perusing those. She's off to Europe for a few weeks as of yesterday, so it looks like things are going to get very fun around there!

3. 73 Questions with Emma Stone | Vogue
I've loved the 73 Questions videos for almost as long as I've loved reading Vogue online, so when they came out with one for Emma Stone, (potentially my favorite contemporary actress) you can imagine my excitement! Emma is hilarious and stylish and warm as always, and I loved getting to take a little nosey around her apartment in this video as well (though I do kinda wish we could have seen her closet...). XD

4. The New Margo&Me
If you're not familiar with this blog, you might not notice the website changes at first, as they're more archive-categorical than design based. That's okay. What I wanted to divert your attention to in this post is the absolutely stunning editorial shoot in her introduction post! I can't get over how good these shots are; and how good that dress is! This is the one thing from this week's post that you need to check out. 

...And if you didn't get a chance to watch it last night (read: me) it looks like PBS is still sharing the completed livestream online! This 1.5 hour long documentary delves into the story behind Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical ground-breaker Hamilton. I can't wait to dive into more nerdiness behind my favorite modern musical tonight, with a cup of tea (or would that classify as treason? ;)

Happy Weekend, friends! What are your plans?

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