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Friday, October 07, 2016

Emily has been a blogger-turned-real-life friend of mine for a few years now, but despite our relatively close vicinity, we don't actually get together as often as we should (or would like to). This fall, we decided, we're changing that. After rescheduling countless times, we finally landed on a date that worked for both of us, and got together to explore one of my new favorite places: historic downtown Franklin area.

The weather was perfect that day: for the first time, the South got a taste of Autumn weather, complete with wind and cloudy skies - which, admittedly isn't my favorite, but when you're wandering down little town streets, sipping coffee and window shopping, it just adds to the cosy mood inexorably.

I was smitten with these shoes in one of the boutiques we stopped at - I can't remember the name, oops! - and was tempted to splurge...until I turned them over and discovered a price tag of over $400.

The one downfall of boutique/quaint town shopping: the prices aren't comparable to what you might usually pay at the department store, much less what this penny pincher is used to eking out at thrift and consignment shops. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that the experience can't be just as enjoyable (simply admiring pretty things can be just as fulfilling as buying): just, perhaps, more selective.

Local tip: Franklin has the best walls for impromptu outfit shoots. Three cheers for Emily for taking my outfit shots! She's much faster (and much better company ;) than my tripod. *wink*

How beautiful is that rolled-sleeve blush jacket? Swoon.

Then, because we couldn't resist, we popped into the best store on Main Street - Anthropologie.

Now I'm not sure if you've stepped into one of Anthro's shops before, but the design ethos game is strong-- and impossibly gorgeous. Seriously. I could eat their prints and fabrics for breakfast. (I'm such a textile nerd.) (No shame.) From their fine china to their kitschy french-provincial everyday flatware, to the high end fashion and statement interior decor-- everything is beautiful. Everything.

(I say that with such confidence, but I was just reminded of a horrid shirt Em and I might have sarcastically berated while perusing the sale racks. So you can rest assured: Anthropologie is not that perfect friend you can't stand to be around. She's relatable. She has flaws. But oh man, she's also got talents...)

Their pottery is my favorite - I have one of their basic pink bowls, so I was delighted to find they'd brought out new shades! This blue one was the perfect color to compliment my previous purchase - not to mention it's just the best shade of blue, period.

Their fashion displays are more than just gorgeous: they're curated, which I love. You know what I also love? That lace blouse. 



We rounded off the trip with a stop at Starbucks for snacks, a few of the necessary crazy selfies, and people watching in the street, as evening approached and the air got colder...


I love driving out of the way and discovering new, pretty areas! I need to visit Franklin more often. It's got the quaintest vibe.

Have you explored your local downtown? What are your favorite places to shop in your area, the undiscovered shops or the best-kept local secrets? 

Jeans: old, similar
Black flats: H&M

Scarf: similar here, here, and here.
Hat: similar


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