Friday Five: 5 Songs To Get Your Workout Playlist Kick-Started

Friday, October 28, 2016


I don't talk about it a ton around here, but working out is a pretty decent-sized part of my everyday routine. I work out 3 times per week, meaning I go through music and playlists like there's no. blooming. tomorrow. (To the people who workout more frequently: how do you not run out of music?)

I wanted to share a peek into my current workout jam selection: the type of blood-pumping music that gets me through even the hardest of cardio sessions - but I realized it changes so often, and is so dependent on my mood, I wasn't sure how helpful it would be to anyone. Different people get motivated and energized by different things, and if I'm not inspired by the same things all the time, how can I expect you'll be any different? So instead of bombarding you with all my favorites, here are 5 songs that always motivate me, no matter what mood I'm in, to get my butt out on the floor and sweating. 

1. "Let's Hurt Tonight" -One Republic
2. "The World Will Know" -Newsies Original Broadway Cast Recording
3. "Good To Be Alive" -Andy Grammer*
4. "Jump" -Van Halen
5. "Shake It Out" and/or "Dog Days Are Over" -Florence and The Machine 
(I couldn't pick just one with Florence...*heart eyes*)

There are obviously SO many more, but these are the ones I keep on coming back to.

Let me know what music gets you moving at the moment! (even if that's just getting out of bed in the morning. Because some days even that is an accomplishment.)

*listen with caution, aka this one's not for your mom and/or the kids you babysit. 


  1. Jump and The World Will Know (high five for running to musicals!) are awesome work out songs but Livin' on a Prayer will forever be my favorite for running...partly because I'm a Bon Jovi nut but also because it has so much energy it give you that extra boost when it feels like one more step is impossible :)

    1. Haha yes! Love Livin' On A Prayer. Although it plays at the gym so often without me choosing it on my playlists that I don't feel a lack leaving it out. ;) Lol.


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