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Monday, October 03, 2016

Something I've been loving at the moment is the major denim trend this Autumn. 

Have you noticed? I've always been a denim lover, and though I've had my share of cheap high street jeans, I've also been fortunate enough to find a lot of solid brands and really well fitting cuts through thrift stores and hand-me-downs. Though I'm yet to buy a pair of J Brand or Madewell at full price, I can definitely see myself doing that eventually too. And I will fully admit to having a few more pairs than necessary in my closet because when it comes to jeans, if they fit well, I will keep them forever. A well-fitting pair is just too rare to get rid of simply because it's not the cut or style you might want at the moment; though trends come and go, they also come back around.

For example? One of the season's hottest denim trends is the kick-flare, a silhouette that falls somewhere between a flared capri and a cropped boot cut.

Well. It just so happens that I had an old pair of Gap boot cuts that I love the fit of (I could swear they were bespoke if I didn't know otherwise). A little cuffing and rolling (which I do to all my jeans anyway #shortlegproblems) and they're essentially the same thing.

Technically, I could have actually cut them, but I'd like to maintain the integrity of the pair, so that I can continue wearing them long after this trend has passed.
Still, it's been so fun to get to play with the trend without spending anything! It's the little things like this that make fashion so fun, I think. :)

Breton tee: old, similar
Mom jeans: Gap, real kick flares
Leopard flats: old, similar
Tassel earrings: Charming Charlie

Would you wear kick flares? What is your favorite style of jeans?

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