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Saturday, October 29, 2016

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Hello and Happy Weekend, chums!

I've got a bit of a groggy brain this morning after going to a concert last night...I'm like a granny these days with the 5AM work wakeup calls, and anything after 10PM feels crazy to me - lol!
But besides catching up on sleep this weekend, I'm also working on my Halloween costumes (Sadness from Inside Out for work; undecided for our neighborhood festivities...can I pull off Hamilton?). Because no matter how old I am, I'll always jump at a chance to dress up as someone else...That probably says something about me, if you care to look deep enough, but the only thing I'm looking deep into this morning is my coffee.


1. Workout Advice with LilyPebbles and TheAnnaEdit
I actually watched this video last weekend, and my first thought was dang! this would've been nice to feature in this week's Chic Sheet. Ha! So instead, it's coming around again in this week's. I've been watching YouTube for years, and though I love Lily and Anna's channels, haven't had time to watch their videos much the last few months. (If I've only got 10 minutes, I'm always going to choose Casey Neistat, because his are my favorite videos.) But I really loved the style of this video, just chatting about health and fitness, motivation, and life with a topic but no set "agenda" or ad to squeeze in-- it was like watching a roundtable interview, or hanging out with some friends and chatting. I wish more people on YouTube would do this podcast-style video, as it's perfect to listen to while getting housework done! Or maybe I should just find a good podcast. Any recommendations?

2. Best Cardio For Fat Loss | The Lean Machines
Obviously after watching the previous video, I had to check out the Lean Machines - about whom I've heard loads, and obviously watching Carly Rowena and Jim Chapman, I "know" the boys who run the channel - and I couldn't believe I hadn't stopped by earlier! I haven't had a chance to try out any new classes at my gym yet (which is probably down to my astute laziness alone) but watching some of their videos gave me much-needed fresh workout inspiration. Because I've been in a rut and I want new routines to try! This treadmill cardio video was informative and easy to understand. It's like having a free online personal trainer, and I'm all about that. *hands up*

3. One Republic "Oh My My"
As a long-time fan of One Republic, I was naturally pretty excited about this new album! And after giving it a good listen for the last couple weeks I can honestly say it's on par with their best works. I think "Native" is still my favorite album, but this clocks close second for epic tracks like "Let's Hurt Tonight," "Born," "Kids," and my favorite, "Choke." Have you listened yet? What are your thoughts??

4. Regina Spektor On Motherhood, Grief, and Growing Up | Noise
You know I love Regina Spektor's music. So for me, watching this interview and getting to peek a little more into her head and the mind behind that music was so fascinating and inspiring! (Hint to writers: books and music aren't all that different. Don't be afraid to learn from great artists in both genres.) I also related to what she was sharing about writing some of her saddest work at the happiest of times...which probably explains why I love her music so much, but it was cool to me to see her mind working in similar ways to my own. :)

Alright, I'm going to cut the ramble here. 
Happy Weekend! Do you have any Halloween plans? If you're dressing up, who are you going as?
(And do you think cosplaying Lin-Manuel Miranda is insane or borderline genius? ;)


  1. I dressed up as John Darling from Peter Pan for a party last night and I'm going to be a pumpkin witch tomorrow ;)
    Have a great week my friend!

    1. I would have loved to see that! Good luck with your pumpkin witchery ;)


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