School Girl Chic + Leather Loafers | #OOTD

Friday, October 14, 2016

As the weather continues to fluctuate over here in the South, I'm finding I'm running out of ways to transition my wardrobe. I want to wear my sweaters, gosh darnit! But though nights are cold, it's far too warm mid-day to allow that, so instead I wear light pieces - the sort I'll later on come winter - in darker shades, so that I still feel somewhat seasonal. :)

In other news, can we talk about these loafers? I bought them off DSW recently, and wore them for three straight days of travel and heavy walking --- without a blister to be seen. I'm a huge fan of cute flats, but we all know you can't wear them for long walks without some comfort sacrifices. Not the case with real leather loafers, if they are done right! True, these don't have major arch support, but the softness of the leather body is so gentle against your skin, I never felt myself needing to slide them off under the table at dinner in the evening (unlike most other flats I've worn ;).

Not sponsored, I just love their product and had to share!


Kate Spade Cobble Hill Rosie purse: exact
Vintage scarf: similar


  1. I adore this outfit and your poses are on point ;)

  2. I really, REALLY want those loafers! So gorgeous and they look so comfy!

  3. Right?! I'm so chuffed with them right now. <3


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