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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Happy Saturday, friends! This week has been a bit stressful, and I've definitely had a couple moments where I thought "how is it all going to happen..." - but it did happen in the end, and we're here at the weekend (good job to you for making it too).

And now I'm packing to go up north for a few days tomorrow, and visit my sister at college. I can't wait to taste a bit of a Michigan autumn, however briefly!

What I've been loving this week...

I didn't actually hear about Regina's newest album until Lin-Manuel Miranda mentioned it on Twitter (side note: his tweets are actually my favorite). You might have realized that I'm a long-time fan of hers, and especially recently I've been loving listening to her music again! So of course I was intrigued - but also speculative, because too often when my favorite artists bring out a new album, especially after not having released in several years, I don't like it half as much as their old music.
Sad but true! That being said, I was so excited to find Remember Us To Life as good - if not (dare I say) better - than my old favorites! If you like melancholy and poetic lyrics and anthropological themes, definitely give it a listen. (My favorites are "Bleeding Heart", "Black and White" and "The Light." Also "The Grand Hotel"...)

2. "Maybe Baby" | What Olivia Did
You guys know I love Olivia's blog, and it's no secret I love New York City, so of course this post appealed to me! If you like NYC or fashion too, check it out...

3. "What You Eat When No One Is Watching" | Refinery 29
Not gonna lie, this video cracked me up! So funny and painfully true...anyone out there that can relate to lazy food habits when you're home alone?

4. Fall Decorating | Classy Girls Wear Pearls
I have to admit - usually Sarah's style is too preppy for my tastes, but this post popped up in my feed recently and I was immediately taken in. Those pants! Everything about this outfit is gorgeous. I love that every post she + Kiel share on their respective blogs are more than just some pictures they took quickly, or hundreds of very similar shots: each shot is a story within itself, and styled to editorial perfection -- and there's just one of each. I tend to scroll much slower, and soak in each capture, and I appreciate that. Of course it's not for everyone: I think there's a place for both stylized and more raw blogging -- but at the same time, it's inspiring to watch them creating such intentional art!

5. @CARMELBLOGS | Instagram
I finally took the plunge and created a public Instagram account for the purpose of sharing blog-related things! I've had so much fun beginning to build up a little community over there as an extension of this site, pushing myself to create more content, and getting to know some of you a bit better. I can't wait to share a few travel grams this weekend...;)
If you'd like to join in the fun, follow @carmelblogs -- I'll see you there!

Happy Weekend to you! 

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