Where To Buy Chunky Knit Socks (For Every Budget)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Monday, friends!
I switched over my wardrobe this weekend, finally feeling temperatures cool enough to justify my pulling out the sweaters! But as I was switching my stuff (and getting rid of things, because that always needs to happen) I realized I don't have very many good pairs of knit socks.

What I do have is knee socks - three or so pairs, if I remember - so I'm very happy with my selection there. I remembered that at the end of last year, I cleaned out my boot sock collection almost entirely, throwing away all the old pilly pairs or the crazy colored fuzzy socks I'd ben holding onto for far too long - and decided to wait until Fall came around, with all the new prints and colors, before "restocking" so to speak.

So for the next weeks, I'm keeping my eyes out for a few good pairs of chunky knit socks (or camp socks, if you prefer) to wear with shorter boots, or for when I don't need a full on knee sock with my tall boots. Winter is mild in the south, after all!

I thought I'd share the options I was looking at with you, in case you're looking for boot socks too! These are just a few of the options out there. I've found cute pairs at Target, Old Navy and even Walmart that I just couldn't find links to online...with boot socks, I find I like to touch them in-store anyway to feel the texture. (I'm quite picky!) For that reason, you might find this is more of a jump-starter to your hunt, giving you an idea of what you're looking for, rather than the exact links - either way, though, I hope it's helpful!

I also threw some cashmere ones in there, just in case you're in the market to pamper yourself, because that's always nice...



  1. I love camp socks so much! But alas, I can't justify buying anymore, because I have about a bajillion.
    I collect fox socks!

    1. Fox socks! That's actually fantastic. XD

  2. I'm in love with those LL Bean ones. Something to add to the ol' Christmas list, amiright? I have so many pairs of chunky socks, though. I also feel the constant need - *ahem* WANT - to buy more. Ah joy.


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