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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Happy Saturday, friends! I haven't been so ready for the weekend in ages, but this week was long. It was one of those weeks where work just seemed impossibly slow, and I ended up having to work 2 extra shifts in addition to my usual load. I'm so grateful to get this time off just to chill, read, and soak up this gorgeous sunshine we're getting at the moment! It's the little things. :)

Warning: this week's post has a definite Paris influence. (There's just something about Paris in the Autumn that I can't resist, ok?! ;)

1. Mode and the City
I just discovered this blogger this week and fell in love with her style! Her France-based fashion and lifestyle blog has a definite New England vibe about it that totally caught my eye. Um, goals! Not to mention I get to practice my French when reading...

2. Zoe Le Ber Home Apartment Tour | VOGUE
While her interior decor style isn't necessarily to my taste, I still found Vogue's peek inside Zoe Le Ber's Paris home fascinating and inspiring! She's clearly collected many amazing historical pieces over the years, and everything seems to have such warmth and character! And though I'm a sucker for the classically Parisian appartemente, I do kind of love that this is so atypical and unique.

3. Yankee Candle Holiday Scents
It may still be pushing 80 degrees here, but the weekend forecast is cool and I'm burning candles like nobody's business to emulate that fall vibe! The balsam and cedar scent from Yankee Candle's seasonal line is literally Christmas in a jar. Oh my word. Too early??

4. Woodstock, Vermont | The Londoner
I've been loving Rosie's posts lately, from her recent New England travels! This one in Woodstock, Vermont is literally a New England Autumn dream. I probably drooled when scrolling through these photos, that's how stunning they were. (Side note: I love that through blogging, even though I've yet to experience a full New England Autumn in person, I can live vicariously through so many other bloggers' amazing experiences! Internet, you're pretty cool.)

5. Kate Spade Prospect Place Maddie, Houndstooth
This is one of those wishlist items that are entirely unpractical, but gosh look how cute it is! And so seasonally appropriate. I mean, it doesn't get better than little tartan satchels in November/December...
Maybe for Christmas? *wink*

6. Hamilton Mixtape
If you still have no idea what Hamilton is, humor the rest of us for a moment because this is going to get very nerdy.

Ever since I heard about this mixtape edition of Hamilton, I've been a bit skeptical. Simply stated, I feel like pop usually ruins theatre, at least for me. However, with yesterday's release of the first two songs off the album, I have to say: I'm actually kind of impressed! I definitely like the originals better, but I'm curious to see what the rest of the album sounds like (releasing Dec 2)-- especially since discovering Regina Spektor recorded a track, and of all songs, Dear Theodosia! (Among my top 5 Hamilton tracks for sure.) Have you heard Kelly Clarkson's It's Quiet Uptown or My Shot (The Roots, Nate Reuss, Joell Ortiz, Busta Rhymes)? What are your thoughts?

Okay, nerd time over...for now.

happy weekend, loves!




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